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Minutes - Nov 16, 2005

Attendance: Catie Bellinger, Chris Casey, Bradford Gay, Kathryn Ruth, Wendy Williams, Kevin Kimball, Jack Baker
Excused: Penglin Wang, Ed Day

Meeting called to order at: 5:10pm

Approval of Agenda: Vote next meeting
Take Tony Aronica off agenda

Approval of minutes November 9, 2005: vote next meeting

Additions/Corrections: Add Penglin Wang and Bradford Gay to attendance as excused

Supplemental Requests:

1) Symphonic Wind Ensemble-Larry Gookin: possibly the next meeting

2) CWU Jazz Band 2 & Vocal Choir 2-Directors Brent Steinert & Jeff Horenstein:
  • Asking for $2,245.20 for Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival at the University of Idaho
  • To test the skills of both the jazz band and vocal choir
  • Compete against the other 4 year colleges, clinics after the performances, learning experience for students
  • Students will perform a concert on campus to draw in the community and students
  • Students will fundraise money for the festival and pay for their own tickets to enter the festival; $30 per ticket
  • Last year was the first year for Vocal Choir 2, this year is the first year for Jazz Band 2
  • Vocal Choir gathered their own money from various places, drove themselves, and found own places to stay last year
  • Vote at next meeting
Supplemental Requests to be voted on: vote at the next meeting

  • Diversity Education Center-Leslie Webb
  • Jazz Band-Chris Bruya
Future Business:
  • Discuss how S & A should prioritize the money for supplemental requests
  • Discuss how much money S & A wants to give to the requests (all of the money or some of the money)
Chris Casey entertained the motion to adjourn meeting
All in favor
Meeting adjourned at: 6:55 PM

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