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Services and Activities

Minutes - Nov 15, 2006

Attendance: David Boyd-Farmer, Adrian Elmo, Victoria Gutierrez, Jamese Johnson, Alexander Kobrianov, David Reynolds, Kathryn Ruth, Penglin Wang, Wendy Williams, Scott Robinson, Kevin Kimball, Jack Baker, Ed Day

Meeting called to order at: 5:15pm

Approval of minutes from November 8, 2006

  • Kathryn Ruth moved to approve
  • Scott Robinson seconded

All in favor
Motion passed

New Business

  • None

Supplemental Requests to be heard

  1. Collegiate Sports Clubs- Corey Sinclair
    • Asking for $55,125 for insurance for 2006-2007, club allocations, national travel/contingency, and club travel
    • Request is to fund 23 clubs, 420 students are involved in the clubs
    • Money left over they can form new clubs and use for equipment
    • Priority would be to provide insurance to the students
    • Provides insurance for students that travel to and from CWU
    • Need staff for 8 months
  2. Publicity Center-Lola Gallagher
    • Request for $10,075 for benefits, current web position, 1 student web position and goods and services including: training, general supplies, and computer and software
    • Did not ask for money last year
    • Already hired one student but need another student because of the work load
    • Keep up the CWU websites
    • Benefit to students: learning new skills and putting things into practice from their classes, working with professionals in the field, real practical experience in their position, helps get the word out about events and clubs
    • Most service providers get to use the students to make a website at no cost
    • Departments funded by S & A can use the publicity center to keep up the websites

Supplemental Requests to be voted on

  1. Youth Theatre Tour- Leslee Caul
    • Discussion
    • Kathryn Ruth moved to approve $5,650 for the Youth Theatre Tour
    • Alexander Kobrianov seconded
    • Discussion
    • 8 In favor
    • 0 Opposed
    • 3 Abstentions
    • Motion passes
  2. Special Projects Coordinator Experience Empowerment Project-Katrina Whitney
    • Discussion
    • Kathryn Ruth moved to reject the funding request for additional review. The committee recommends that Katrina Whitney redirects the funds for the Experience Empowerment project to employee 2 student positions and return if she needs additional money.
    • Alexander Kobrianov seconded
    • Wendy Williams called the question
    • 7 In favor
    • 0 Opposed
    • 4 Abstentions
    • Motion passed
  3. Collegiate Sports Clubs-Corey Sinclair
    • Discussion
    • Club senate gives clubs certain amounts of money for things such as travel
    • There are 23 clubs that the money gets disbursed to depending on need
    • S&A funds club senate, meaning that either clubs go to club senate or come to the S&A committee for money
    • Adrian Elmo moved to approve $35,000 for Collegiate Sports Clubs
    • Penglin Wang seconded
    • Kathryn Ruth asked for a friendly amendment to approve $33,125
    • Adrian Elmo accepted the friendly amendment
    • Penglin Wang seconded
    • Discussion
    • Kathryn Ruth called the question
    • 7 In favor
    • 0 Opposed
    • 4 Abstentions
    • Motion passed
  4. Publicity Center-Lola Gallagher
    • Kathryn Ruth moved to approve $10,075 for the Publicity Center
    • Alexander Kobrianov seconded
    • Discussion
    • 8 In favor
    • 0 Opposed
    • 3 Abstentions
    • Motion passed

Reports from the site visitation effort

  1. Victoria Gutierrez-Campus Life/ Campus Activities
    • Director is John Drinkwater
    • Campus Life does not need additional money from S & A because of the business plan already promised for the next 30 years
    • Administration area of the University
    • Purpose is to create an environment of student life that is inviting and gives a sense of belonging
    • Campus Activities
    • S&A helps fund: programs, speakers, movies, Homecoming, etc.
    • If not allocated money might have to raise ticket prices, start charging for the free movies, or no events at all
    • Attendance is going well for the programs

Policy Discussion

  • Kathryn Ruth made a S&A evaluation work sheet with the committee criteria for the committee to evaluate
  • Scott Robinson moved to have David Reynolds take the evaluation worksheet and improve it with committee action
  • Kathryn Ruth seconded
  • 9 in favor
  • 0 opposed
  • 2 abstentions
  • Motion passed
  • Committee includes: David Reynolds, Wendy Williams, Scott Robinson, Alexander Kobrianov, Adrian Elmo, and Kathryn Ruth

For the good of the order

  • Ed Day informed the committee that S&A will collect $4,280,000 in S&A fees
  • There is $199,990 remaining for supplemental requests
  • Ed Day suggested that the committee take $100,000 to increase the S&A reserve, and suggests the amount of $250,000 for Supplemental Allocations this year
  • Use the $250,000 for allocations and keep $286,603 to keep in the reserve to carry forward
  • The reason is to have $1,286,603 to carry forward to June 30, 2007
  • Proposed payroll increases for July 2006-June 2007 equals $162,260
  • People have no say in the amount of increases for payroll
  • Kathryn moved to approve $286,603 to carry forward to next year and $250,000 for allocations
  • David Boyd seconded
  • 0 in favor
  • 10 opposed
  • 0 abstentions
  • Motion failed
  • Kathryn Ruth moved to approve to spend $250,000 for allocations this year
  • Adrian Elmo seconded
  • 10 in favor
  • 1 abstention
  • Motion passed
  • Alexander Kobrianov moved to approve $162,260 for salary increases as proposed
  • Scott Robinson seconded
  • 10 in favor
  • 1 abstention
  • Motion passed
  • Jack Baker hands out the priorities for the S & A committee which was sent out to all committees to present and address to the committee with their biannual requests

Kathryn Ruth moved to adjourn meeting
Adrian Elmo seconded
All In favor

Meeting adjourned at: 7:45PM


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