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Minutes - Nov 1, 2006

Attendance: David Boyd-Farmer, Adrian Elmo, Victoria Gutierrez, Jamese Johnson, Alexander Kobrianov, David Reynolds, Kathryn Ruth, Penglin Wang, Wendy Williams, Scott Robinson, Kevin Kimball, Ed Day, Jack Baker

Meeting called to order at: 5:10PM

Additions and Corrections to minutes from October 25, 2006:

  • Change minuets to minutes
  • Change $10-$11,000 to $10,000-$11,000
  • In the good for the order: add Jack Baker reported there are more requests coming in
  • In Supplemental requests to be voted on: Jamese Johnson asked for a friendly amendment to approve for a lesser amount. Kathryn Ruth suggested $9,000

Approval of minutes from October 25, 2006

  • Scott Robinson moved to approve minutes as is with corrections
  • Wendy Williams Seconded

All in favor
Motion passed

New Business:

Update from John Drinkwater regarding Campus Life Business plan

  • S & A committee and Board of Trustees agreed to fund the business plan for the Student Union Building and REC Center for the next 30 years
  • Reason for the business plan was so that Campus Life would not come back and request for more money from the S&A committee
  • Will only ask for money for the increases in salaries
  • S&A funding: Campus Life Administration, SUB/REC custodial, engineering, REC administration, Intramural Sports, and Outdoor programs
  • The bond was a partnership between the bookstore and dining services with the Student Union and Rec Center
  • Students pay fees for the Student Union and Rec Center, SUB/REC is owned by the students
  • Agreement: S & A will pay $850,000 a year, salary increases, and operating expenses
  • Had to have guaranteed money to be able to build the building and to fund it

Supplemental Requests:

  1. Yakima L & J Club research travel request- April Vandevender
    • Asking for $8,500 to take 12 students to Michoacan, Mexico to research the criminal justice system
    • Will be gone December 8-17, 2006
    • This opportunity will open the students eyes to the Mexican culture
    • The trip will last 8 days
    • Students have done fund raisers
    • Club has already received money from other sources
    • Would like the money to help pay for the airfare
    • Have asked L&J club in Ellensburg if any students would like to go and also on the Westside
    • Students from the club are paying $4,550 out of pocket
    • Wendy Williams moved that we vote on the issue tonight
    • Scott Robinson seconded
    • Discussion
    • Kathryn Ruth called the question
    • 6 in favor
    • 2 opposed
    • 3 abstentions
    • Motion carries
  2. Westside Student Services request- Sheila Walton, Director
    • Has been working on the Westside Student Affairs for 8 months
    • In charge of all clubs on the Westside
    • Asking for $28,660 to establish the CWU center on the Westside
    • Working on expanding the clubs on the Westside
    • Wants to hire coordinators for the clubs, activities, and to plan events

Supplemental Requests to be voted on:

  1. Marching Band- Larry Gookin
    • Kathryn Ruth moves to approve to $3,850 to the marching band for expenses
    • Penglin Wang seconded
    • Discussion
    • 10 in favor
    • 1 abstention
    • Motion passed
  2. Yakima L & J Club research travel request- April Vandevender
    • Alexander Kobrianov moved to raise the amount to be allocated from $8,500 to $9,700
    • Scott Robinson seconded
    • Discussion
    • Kevin Kimball called for question
    • 2 in favor
    • 5 opposed
    • 4 abstentions
    • Kathryn Ruth moved to approve $8,500
    • Alexander Kobrianov seconded
    • Discussion
    • Scott Robinson called question
    • 10 in favor
    • 1 opposed
    • No abstentions
    • Motion passed

Reports from the site visitation effort:

  1. Alexander Kobrianov - Civic Engagement center and Observer, Group 10
    • Interviewed Mrs. Anderson
    • Not impressed with Civic Engagement
    • Not a huge amount of students involved
    • Could cut back in certain areas of their budget
    • Observer:
      • Doing a good job
      • Need the newspaper
      • Not a lot of employees, good newspaper, do not ask for a lot of money
  2. Adrian Elmo-Diversity and Empowerment Centers
    • Leslie Webb is coordinator
    • Cares about the student body
    • Always have programs or activities going on
    • Students attend their events
    • Impressed with Diversity Center as a whole
    • Empowerment Center:
      • Katrina Whitney is director
      • Men and women programmers
      • Do not get a lot of huge turn outs, but those that do really enjoy it
  3. David Boyd- Recreation and The Burg
    • The Burg's main fund is salaries
    • Gets word out for events
    • Get donations from the community
    • Does not look like they will need money soon
  4. Jamese Johnson-Early Childhood Learning Center/Rainbow
    • Janie Charlton is director
    • Mission statement is posted online
    • Main goal is to provide quality childcare services and an educational curriculum to serve the needs of young children
    • Student driven
    • Funding sources comes from revenues from parent fees
    • Applied for a grant last year, received a grant for $20,000 this year
    • Target students with children and students who want to go into the service industry or childcare
  5. David Reynolds- Political affairs, Clubs, and BOD
    • Steve DuPont gets $20,000 for the student leas on in Olympia
    • Half budget is traveling
    • Will be coming in for $24,000 request
    • Clubs:
      • Toni Aronica is director
      • 68 clubs on campus
      • 85% of money goes to clubs themselves, 15% staff, 50% of all money is travel
    • BOD:
      • Coming back for supplemental request of $110,000 for the next biennium for salary costs, programming, etc.

For the good of the order

  • Jack Baker reports there are requests coming up
  • No meeting the Wednesday before Thanksgiving break
  • David Reynolds would like the committee to think about where the committee wants to allocate money to and how much to each request
  • Wendy Williams would like to have a line item on the next agenda to discuss the S&A policy

Penglin Wang moved to adjourn the meeting
Adrian Elmo seconded
All in favor
Meeting adjourned at: 7:47 PM


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