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Services and Activities

Minutes - May 23, 2007

Attendance: Adrian Elmo, David Reynolds, Tony Aronica, Victoria Gutierrez, Alexander Kobrianov, Penglin Wang, Jamese Johnson, Kevin Kimball, Wendy Williams, Scott Robinson, Ed Day, Jack Baker

Unexcused: David Boyd-Farmer

Meeting called to order at: 5:17pm


  • None

Approval of minutes from April 25, 2007:

  • Scott Robinson moved to approve minutes
  • Tony Aronica seconded
  • All in favor
  • Motion passed

Review & training related to S&A Policies & Procedures

  • recommend to add the student funds financial manager to the committee structure
  • review supplemental process
  • provide year end reports and a separate section emphasizing article 2 section 11 addressing i, ii, iii
  • provide alternative ways to use year end reports from service providers
  • individual service providers should or should not have reserves, decision to be made
  • service providers need to account for all funds in their proposals
  • review contractual agreements to see if flat funding fits in with the description
  • need to know more about student daycare so committee can understand
  • improve communication with BOD
  • clarify the number and designation of employees in biennial requests
  • figure out a way to monitor increases in salary and employees
  • address performance assessments
  • review attendance policy
  • consider quarterly meetings with the BOD
  • review timelines
  • review confidentiality/preferential treatment
  • enforce all due dates and date stamp received information

Develop Policy & Procedures guidance list for next years S&A Committee

  • address committee members identification of conflict of interest
  • conversation around developing base budgets
  • consider a feedback meeting at the end of every year

For the good of the order

  • none
  • Jamese Johnson moved to adjourn
  • Victoria Gutierrez seconded
  • All in favor

Meeting adjourned at: 7:05 pm


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