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Services and Activities

Minutes - May 19, 2010

Services and Activities Fee Committee

Minutes May 19, 2010

Meeting called to order:

Kiley Baker called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m. and attendance was taken.


Logan Bahr, Jack Baker, Kiley Baker, Ed Day, Chris Goehner, Kay Kenison, Aaron Lee, Caitlin Morrison, Brad Nelson, Scott Robinson, Wendy Williams and Teri Willard. Absent: Scott King



Approval of Minutes:

Approval of the minutes from May 12, 2010: Scott Robinson moved to approve the minutes as submitted. Caitlin Morrison seconded. Motion carried.

Public Comment: Vincent Ruiz presented a letter of support for the Empowerment Center, Civic Engagement, Diversity Education Center, and Center for Excellence in Leadership. He shared what these programs have done for him personally and what benefit these programs are for student employees, volunteers, students and staff.

Supplemental Requests Presentations and Voting:

Joshua Parker – International Travel to Conference to Present Research: Joshua Parker is requesting $1,500.00 in supplemental funding to travel to the International Psychoneuroimmunology Research Society 17th Annual Conference in Dublin, Ireland, from June 2 – 5, 2010. He will be presenting research on behavioral changes following hookworm infection at this conference -- “Hamsters infected with hookworm show pre-anemia changes in behavior.” Professor Kara Gabriel is unable to attend and Joshua Parker will be the only one attending from Central.

MOTION: Caitlin Morrison made a motion to fund $1,500.00 in supplemental (flex) funding for the travel to Dublin, Ireland to present at the International Psychoneuroimmunology Research Society Conference on June 2-5, 2010. Logan Bahr seconded. Motion carried.

Other Business:

Discussion regarding broadcasting of the S&A meeting via web steaming, TV, U-tube, etc.: There is a meeting on Friday of the Union Board and it will be discussed at this meeting and more information will be coming.

Approval of flex budget spending:

The last item is the graduate assistantship in support of the Student Success Council. There was no further discussion or motion made.

Eastside Center request to fund a family fun day – Flex Budget: Michelle Cyrus sent more information regarding the request. It is proposed that the CWU Yakima students would like to attend the June 19 – Yakima Bears game and the all-you-can-eat picnic. The cost would be $16.00 per person plus $150.00 for the group picnic deck for a total of $1,350.00. There was no one in attendance at this meeting to present or answer questions, and one question was if this request should have been included in their regular center programming funds. There is not enough information to vote on this proposal.

Brainstorm need for changes to policies and procedures-Policy Manual: During the discussion, it was suggested to better train the S&A committee members on what S&A does, how the funding is distributed and the difference between base funding and supplemental funding--possibly packets of information with a quick overview of the S&A committee. The BOD appoints diverse students to each committee and prepares students for the committees they are appointed to. At the beginning of the year there are two training days and Parliamentary procedures will be added at these meetings.

MOTION: Chris Goehner made a motion to amend the CWU General Guidelines and Procedures for Use of Service and Activities Fees to read under Introductions: I. Committee Structure: A. Committee composition is two ex-officio members (non-voting) and eleven appointed members—seven students (voting), three faculty (non-voting) and one University administrator (non-voting). 5. The University President shall appoint a University administrator to sit on the Services and Activities Committee as a non-voting member. Logan Bahr seconded. Motion carried. (5 yes, 3 no, 1 abstention)


Faculty comments: The BOD concurs with this recommendation to provide student’s complete control over their student funds. A concern was voiced that by removing faculty as voting members is not the best choice for balance on the committee. Faculty will not be committed if they are only advisors. The faculty attempts to represent students who are not represented on the committee. If the entire student members are appointed by the BOD it runs the risk of being overly influenced by the BOD. The proposed change is very critical without prior notice give of the change. Also concern with the attempt to run it through and the students already approached for this rule. The vote should wait until the next meeting before a decision is made. A courtesy to think about this change before a decision is made. Another concern was that it was not on the agenda as an item for discussion or voting.

Student comments: The S&A funds are student funds, and therefore should be voted by students—it is not a personal thing. The faculty members have a place on the committee and their expertise and advice is appreciated. It is hoped that the faculty would want to be a part. All opinions are valuable. It should not be faculty vs. students. Everyone should work together. The feeling is that faculty would want to be advisors and input is needed from all areas. Faculty helps in developing the students on the committee. This change provides students the ability to directly govern and provide oversight for their funds. The committee appointments are voted on by the Board of Directors and provides checks and balances and diverse student members.

Schedule of Next Meeting: There will not be a meeting on May 26-a quorum will not be present. If there are no items to be voted on, the June 2 meeting may be canceled.

The meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.