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Minutes - March 8, 2006

Attendance: Catie Belinger, Chris Casey, Ash Gilmore, David Reynolds, Kathryn Ruth, Penglin Wang, Wendy Williams, Diane Reich, Kevin Kimball, Ed, Day, Jack Baker

Excused: Bradford Gay

Call meeting to order
The Meeting was called to order by the Chair Kathryn Ruth at 5:11

Jack Baker asked to make an announcement. Jack informed the group that the posting of the meeting did not happen 24 hours before the meeting so no action could be taken at this meeting, action items would be postponed to the next meeting.

This is in an effort to comply with the open meetings act which we are obligated to follow.

Approval of Agenda
Agenda was approved

Approval of Minutes from 2/22/06
This was postponed to the next meeting.

Supplemental Request

Elizabeth Robinson and Lauren Lutz, Psychology students presented their request for support for a research presentation to be presented at the national Association for Psychological Science, in New York this spring. They requested any support that might be possible and the total of the request was $1,288.00

Other Business

Jack shared a message from Charlotte Tullos, stating that she very much appreciated the efforts of the S & A Committee and that she could understand why they voted the way they did on the Rainbow center request for funding. Jack stated that Dr. Tullos was interested in talking with the committee about the future of the Center and possible administrative funding. The committee members were informed that there may be $60,000 of support from the administrative side toward the Rainbow Center and that a match would be required from some source yet to be identified. One option is for the S & A Committee to reconsider the Rainbow Center supplemental proposal in light of the administrative support. The committee stated that they would meet with Dr. Tullos and others and have a general open discussion regarding the Rainbow Center. The committee also stated that they would like to see if the Rainbow Center could clarify and reduce the amount of their request. Some members felt that the Early Childhood Learning Center should be considered when addressing the total cost of child care and the support from the S & A Committee. While most members are very supportive of child care, the amount of money from the S & A Fee going to childcare is very concerning. All felt the child care hits the S & A budget very hard. Budget is the big issue not the care of children. Jack agreed to try and set the meeting up with Dr. Tullos and others for March 29th.

Some general discussion continued relating to the Childcare issue and misinformation that is occurring.

Financial Update

Ed Day handed out a report titled "S & A Fee Allocations and Percentages" the committee asked some questions related to the handout and thanked Ed for the information stating that they felt it would be very helpful when responding to student concerns.

Jack shared with the committee that he and Ed would be bring some ideas to the Committee this next quarter, on how to simplify the process of applying for S & A funds and stabilize services to students.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:20 PM