Services and Activities

Minutes - March 28, 2007

Attendance: David Boyd-Farmer, Adrian Elmo, Alexander Kobrianov, Kathryn Ruth, Wendy Williams, Scott Robinson, Kevin Kimball, Ed Day, Jack Baker

Excused: Victoria Gutierrez, Jamese Johnson

Excused: Penglin Wang

Meeting called to order: 5:16 PM

Additions/Corrections: None

Approval of minutes from March 7, 2007

  • Scott Robinson moved to approve the minutes from March 7, 2007
  • Adrian Elmo seconded
  • All in favor
  • Motion passed
New Business
  1. Keith Champagne for VP Charlotte Tullos
    • Keith said thank you for everyone's hard work and how much he appreciated all the time spent on everything
    • Explained that Student Affairs promotes learning, discovery, self discovery, discovery assisted by professionals, and facilitating development
    • Student Affairs focuses on the development of students inside and outside the classroom, promotes diversity, gender, civic engagement, campus life etc.
    • Will continue to look at the individual request and need of request. Look at what is being done for students.
    • Explained that there hasn't been monumental growth but a lot of slow growth which is very common. Some wish that Dr. Tullos would provide guidelines.
    • Explained that students have the responsibility to make best judgment with the help of the professionals such as Jack Baker and Ed Day.
    • Explained that extensive changes have taken place here a Central more so than other universities around the country.
    • Don't just think about the program also think about the human element, we do make things happen and support them to happen.

Supplemental Request to be heard
  1. Law and Justice-Sarah Britto& Students
    • Proposed Activity- Would plan on sending students to New Orleans to help with hurricane relief effort-Hands on New Orleans-dedicated to rebuilding the parts have been destroyed.
    • Students would be gutting houses, providing food, building houses, picking up trash around the streets and parks.
    • The people of New Orleans that would be helping with this will provide all free food and lodging to those who volunteer when in New Orleans.
    • Last day of the activity the students would take a bus tour of all the horrible and destroyed areas of New Orleans.
    • Students presenting this request explained the benefits of the activity which consisted of the Law and Justice Club member would benefit, faculty members would benefit because it would be an example of social justices issues that could be taught in the classroom, the New Orleans community would benefit greatly.
    • Explained why this should be funded. Should be funded because it is a once in life time opportunity and will be an outstanding learning opportunity for all. Also some students will be able to earn some internship credits as well.
    • Budget- Cost per student = $838.00 ( this includes airfare, hotel( 1 night) bus tour, safety gear, transportation to air port, van rental parking, and any other food.
    • 2 of the students participating are from Lynwood so they would not need a hotel for the night in Seattle.
    • Total amount needed for this activity is $10,754.00
    • 3-4 people to each room in hotel and would need relatively inexpensive food.
    • Funding- all financial resources have come in from activities and fund raisers such as the chocolate sale, raffle, mardi gras, and donations. The amount that they received was($3,947.00)
    • Upcoming activities for fundraisers are, Final Four pizza party, Cinco de Mayo, and club senate- projected returns would be$2,570.00
    • After all fundraisers and everything, they are short $4,237 of their goal.
    • 13 students would be participating.
    • The presenters closed off with the Central mission statement.
    • Students closed off by saying how beneficial this would be and would help all parties.

Request for exception to policy
  1. Radio Station $15,000 carry forward- Jack Baker
    • KCWU radio station requested they be allowed to can carry forward the $15,000 because they want to have time to figure out all equipment they need rather than jumping right way and having to rush to buy the equipment without thinking it through.
    • They would like to have permission to allocate money to carry forward
    • They are not prepared right at this minute so please allow to carry forward so they don’t have to run out and spend right way and be unsure of what they want and need for business.

    • Moved to approve- Adrian Elmo
      Scott Robinson seconded
      Motion passed
      Abstention- Kathryn Ruth

Subcommittee Report
  1. S & A Evaluation Worksheet- Kathryn Ruth
    • Sub Committee has presented this for approval and or consideration
    • Any corrections or additions?
    • The final weight is out of 100.
    • Rate everyone from 0-5, 5 being yes, 0 being absolute no. Then multiply the number by the weight.
    • Came to conclusion that it would be help guide or rank, and could be used as a financial tool but should not be used to make final decision. Should use more as a personal guide.
    • Each individual finds different things important and value more than others do.
    • This evaluation sheet should not aid in having the last say.
    • This can be looked at as a possible way to use a personal guide and then evaluate and then email it to Ed.
    • Maybe can be used in the following years- only make this a recommendation, not a requirement.
    • Need to run this by BOD and get signed by Dr. Tullos.

Report from Ed Day regarding finances

  1. Ed Day Reporting
    • Showed latest revenues
    • Supplemental Requests- (100,000) (250,000)
    • Amount to carry into next year $1,317,053
    • Amount that we will start out with next year is $1,300,000 $4,794,000 is out of S&A Fees
    • Suggested possible maximum base allocations- $4,348,000 to allocate per year.
    • Next year- FTE $9,270
    • Amount to cut from requests $1,575,903 short to what they requested $10,271,903
    • Take what they are requesting and then what is going to be cut short- possible thought.
    • 5 programs/centers will have less than what they had in the previous year. Only about $117,221 to give away after changing amounts.
    • Should evaluate request, should not just be given.
    • Ed showed requests and possible subtractions and then what the new money possible would be. Put this into 3 columns.
    • Estimated funds available- $8,696,000 for base allocations
    • Ed Day made these possible assumptions but they DO NOT have to be used, just did what he could with what the had in front of him, changes can obviously be made.

For the good of the order
  • Jack Baker informed the committee that there is an issue with purchasing and approving requests. There was a request sent in to celebrate end of year dinner in Lynwood. It would be a $20 dinner. The specific guidelines say refreshments, not dinner so now this is an issue.
  • Scott Robinson moved to adjourn meeting
  • Kathryn Ruth Seconded
  • All in favor

Meeting adjourned at 7:00