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Services and Activities

Minutes - March 10, 2010

Services and Activities Fee Committee

Minutes March 10, 2010

Meeting called to order:

Tyler Anderson, Chair, called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m. and attendance was taken.


Tyler Anderson, Logan Bahr, Jack Baker, Kiley Baker, Ed Day, Chris Goehner , Keith James (BOD), Kay Kenison, Scott King, Caitlin Morrison, Brad Nelson, Scott Robinson, Wendy Williams and Teri Willard.

Approval of Minutes:

Approval of the minutes from March 3, 2010: Scott King moved to approve the minutes as submitted. Chris Goehner seconded. Motion carried. (1 abstention)

Public Comment:

Keith James wondered why the 0% S&A fee was not presented to the Board of Trustees at their meeting on March 5. It will be included at the next Board of Trustees meeting.

S&A Program Review:

Alexis Bell, VP for Clubs and Organizations, representing Club Senate gave an overview of the activities of Club Senate. S&A funds $74,000.00 each year to Club Senate for distribution of these funds to clubs for student travel, lodging, transportation, advertising, registration, etc. There are 130 clubs on campus with 2,600 student participants. Every club is allowed $1,500.00 per year. Each club uses a fund request packet full of information on budgets, travel and the needed forms. They do not fund food/meals. The clubs go before a 5-member “funds council” and all the items are reviewed prior to the Club Senate meeting. Only a few have been turned away and usually because of incorrect or incomplete paperwork or the club is not in good standing. S&A has heard several presenters this year and they have not known about Club Senate. How is the word getting out to the clubs? As clubs are recognized, they are given a packet of information which includes the funding process and forms, and the senator hears about the process at each meeting.

Reporting Back to S&A

Fashion Club Trip to L.A.-Stephanie Sype: The Fashion Club went to L.A with 16 members and their experience was “awesome.” Many of the students connected with individuals in the field and made connections for future opportunities. During the tours they were able to see the many different facets of the fashion industry and several actually changed their field of study. It was a valuable trip and appreciated the S&A Committee’s help with funding.

Supplemental Requests:

MEChA hosting the 15th Annual Regional Conference – Vincent Ruiz: The MEChA organization is requesting $3,050.00 in supplemental funds to help with the 15th Annual Regional Conference to be held at CWU on April 9-11, 2010. There are 24 members helping with the events and doing presentations and another 15 volunteers are expected from students on campus. All are invited; although the focus of the attendees will primarily be from high schools and colleges in Wenatchee, East Wenatchee and the Yakima Valley with the aim to encourage young people to pursue higher education, to create a better quality of life, and improve their communities. MEChA continues to do fund raising and the requested dollar figure may change. The total expenses for the conference are estimated at $11,240.00. There will be time to put this request on the Board of Trustees agenda and the vote will take place at the next meeting.

Sports Clubs (Regional and National competition team travel) – Corey Sinclair: The Collegiate Sport Clubs are requesting $35,813.00 in travel expenses to upcoming events in which Karate ($2,013.60); Wake Sports ($3,498.60); Men’s Rugby ($13,417.60); Swimming ($7,625.60); Tennis ($3,545.60) and Rodeo ($5,712.00) will be representing Central at both national and international events or playoffs. This represents 69 students and 6 clubs. Last year when the Collegiate Sport Clubs presented their S&A budget, they were told to come back and request supplemental funds for travel expenses. This request will be voted on at the next S&A meeting.

EQuAL – Power of One Conference-Tiff Caravelli: EQuAL (formerly GALA-GLBTSA) is requesting $800.00 in supplemental funds for lodging of 13 students at the Power of One Conference at Washington State University and the University of Idaho on April 2-4, 2010. This 3-day event theme is “Honoring Our Roots & Sustaining Our Legacy.” They are continuing to fund raise and 13 students and 2 advisors plan on attending. EOC has helped with registration to the conference. These funds will need to be taken out of the flex budget because of the shortness of time and will need to be voted on tonight.

MOTION: Scott Robinson made a motion to fund $800.00 from the S&A flex budget for the EQuAL club to attend the Power of One Conference on April 2-4, 2010 at Washington State University and University of Idaho. Scott King seconded. Motion carried.

Student Academic Senate – Megan Hammond: Student Academic Senate is requesting $15,000, which is in addition to the $15,000 in base funding from S&A. The Student Academic Senate is comprised of one student representative from each academic department. Academic Senate allocates funds to individuals for experiential learning, which provides benefits to their education, usually for travel and registration expenses. The Senate allows $900 per academic department per year. There are more senators than last year and senators are chosen by an application process. The Academic Senate also provides a voice for students and provides a general sense of student issues. This request will be voted on at the next S&A meeting.

CWU Cheer and Wellington Travel for Basketball Playoffs – Kelly Zakel-Larson: The CWU Cheer is requesting $1,814.00 in supplemental funds for travel to the basketball playoffs this weekend. This is an opportunity to show CWU support and spirit for the basketball team. They have received $150 from additional sources. Because of the short time, there is no time for fund raising. The request does include meals during their stay. It would need to be funded from the S&A flex budget and would need to be voted on tonight.

MOTION: Scott Robinson made a motion to fund $1,535.00 from the S&A flex budget to support the travel expenses of the Cheer Squad and Wellington for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Finals on March12-15 in Bellingham. Chris Goehner seconded. Friendly amendment: Logan Bahr suggested changing the amount to $1,190.00 because of the meal costs. Scott Robinson did not accept the amendment. Logan Bahr withdrew his amendment. Discussion: This is one-time funding that is needed right away and an exception to providing food since the Cheer Squad will be at the playoff and not able to secure food easily. Motion carried.

CWU Rodeo Club hosting the Rodeo – Corey Sinclair: The CWU Rodeo Club is requesting $13,307.00 in funding ($6,307 to cover expenses for the remainder of the year and $7,000 to carry forward to next year for club operations). As members of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo, they are required to host two rodeos a year, which are scheduled for April 23, 24 and 25, 2010. These events are entirely student managed events. The students of the CWU Rodeo Club are in charge of planning, advertising, organizing, scheduling, and fund raising, as well as participating in the rodeo. The event is free to the public and encourages involvement with CWU students, their parents, and the community. In the past the club has depended heavily on support from the community, but with the current economic climate there has been a dramatic decline in community support. Last year was the first year the CWU Rodeo Club requested help from S&A. The rodeo has been a part of the community since their first event in 1972. The Club has raised $12,822.46 to date, and still hope to raise $20,150.00.

MOTION: Teri Willard made a motion to approve funding of $13,307 for the CWU Rodeo Club ($6,307.00 from the S&A flex budget for the Rodeo Club’s immediate needs and $7,000.00 to be included in S&A requests for approval by the Board of Trustees). Scott Robinson seconded. Motion carried.

Supplemental Request to be voted on:

Green Dot facilitator training: The funding request is for $14,385 to bring Dorothy Edwards, the creator of the Green Dot Program, to Central Washington University to conduct her 4-day “Train the Facilitator” training May 10-13, 2010. Last week, Chris Goehner made a motion to have Andrea Easlick bring information and costs of sending facilitators to other trainings. The next training is not until fall of 2010 in Lexington, Kentucky, and it is estimated to cost $1,430 per person to attend. They had planned on having facilitators in place at the beginning of the next school year, and this training would be too late. There has been statewide interest in attending the Green Dot training at the CWU campus. The new budget is for $13,385.00.

MOTION: Chris Goehner made a motion to fund $13,385.00 ($7,000 would come from the S&A flex budget and the remainder would be included with the S&A requests for approval by the Board of Trustees) for the ‘Train the Facilitator” training on May 10-13, 2010 for the Green Dot Program. Kiley Baker seconded. Motion carried. (The S&A committee reminded them to refrain from coming back for base budget funding for this program.)

Other Business:

Election of Vice Chair: Nominations were for Chris Goehner and Kiley Baker. A ballot was taken and Kiley Baker was elected as Vice Chair.

Schedule of Next Meeting: March 31, 2010. The request for funding for the writing center and the math center will be on the next agenda.


Chris Goehner moved to adjourn, Kiley Baker seconded. Motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.