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Services and Activities

Minutes - Jan 6, 2010

Services and Activities Fee Committee

Minutes January 6, 2010

Meeting called to order:

Tyler Anderson, Chair, called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m. and attendance was taken.


Tyler Anderson, Jack Baker, Kiley Baker, Ed Day, Kay Kenison, Scott King, Pedro Navarrete, Brad Nelson, Scott Robinson, Keith James (BOD), Teri Willard and Wendy Williams.

Approval of Minutes:

Approval of the minutes from December 2, 2009. Brad Nelson moved to approve the minutes as submitted. Kiley Baker seconded. Motion carried.

Public Comment:

No comment.

President Gaudino – A conversation with the Committee:

President Gaudino wanted the S&A Committee to know that things are changing, especially with the upcoming legislature session. The University is in a budget crisis and we are moving from a state-funded school to the model of a “private” school. There may be a change coming to the S&A Committee. The Committee must look in depth at all funding requests and they will have hard decisions as more and more requests come before the Committee. The Board of Trustees (BOT) will also be looking in depth at all S&A requests. The Board is very concerned with the costs incurred by students and how the S&A fees are linked to the tuition. The BOT will no longer be giving automatic approval. The BOT is concerned with the costs, especially the burden placed on students. They will be looking very closely at all funding before approval. The President believes the recent swell in enrollment is short term and linked to unemployment and not sustainable. There are no more reserves to draw from. We will expect more cuts to Ledger I funds as the Legislative session begins and the state budget has to be balanced. They may be looking to cut more from state dollars in higher education. There perception is that we have “tons of waste.” CWU will be facing tough decisions and cuts are anticipated. The President does not see this situation turning around in the near future; it could take 8-10 years before funding stabilizes again. Jack Baker asked the question about the S&A Financial Manager vacant position and the President responded that if the position is not funded with Ledger I money, the VP can approve the hiring position.


Discussion on Supplemental Requests or Base Funding Requests:

Keith James commented that the BOD was concerned with the requests to S&A and suggested the Committee wait on any decisions until all requests for funding could be looked at in the full view, especially requests for base funding. There is the concern for funding academic programs with base funding or could S&A help with temporary emergency funds and wait to see if things turn around in the near future. If we wait, we could analyze them as a whole. The committee can decide how to funding each request—whether base funding, or supplemental. The Committee agreed to wait on decisions for the base funding requests.

The Board of Trustees agenda items are now needed to be submitted one month before the meeting. We will automatically request placeholders on the BOT agenda, but we will still need to have items submitted earlier. Items approved by the S&A committee are not final until approved by the Board of Trustees and can be removed from the agenda at any time.

Opera Production request has been removed.

2010 SOURCE Funding – Natalie Lupton: SOURCE is seeking supplemental funding from the S&A committee in the amount of $11,000.00. SOURCE is a daylong event patterned after professional meetings, with concurrent morning and afternoon presentations, a keynote speaker at a luncheon banquet and an awards presentation. It is scheduled for May 20, 2010 from 8:00 – 5:00 in the SURC.

MOTION: Keith James made a motion to fund SOURCE $11,000.00 in supplemental funds to provide the daylong event on May 20, 2010. Kiley Baker seconded.

Discussion: The committee felt this was a valuable event to showcase the efforts of students in another venue. The committee was unsure about funding the luncheon and it was suggested that the food/banquet could be funded from other sources.

Friendly Amendment: Kiley Baker made a friendly amendment to fund 2010 SOURCE event for $5,500.00 in supplemental funds. Keith James accepted the friendly amendment. Motion carried. (All in Favor)

After the President’s discussion, the committee agreed to slowly and methodically evaluate all requests as suggested by the BOD. As we scrutinize all requests, the Committee needs to look at all positions especially looking at student positions and not permanent staff. Remember to keep things stable, and look at the S&A guidelines for priorities with supplemental requests, which are

  • 1st Priority: Pertains to conditions which could not reasonably have been anticipated by the S&A base funding recipient at the time of the base funding request (includes the addition of essential equipment due to loss, destruction, premature failure, etc.)
  • 2nd Priority: Pertains to opportunities to add, expand, or enhance programs, activities, or services that DO NOT RESULT in the addition non-student payroll positions.
  • 3rd Priority: Pertains to opportunities to add, expand, or enhance programs, activities, or services that RESULT in the addition non-student payroll positions.

The committee discussed the other four proposals for funding. The Writing Center and the Math Center proposals are to maintain the services currently offered. The Advising Center and Academic Achievement, Tutoring for All are increasing and growing their programs. In this time of budget crisis, it is not the time to grow programs.

MOTION: Scott King made a motion to reject the Academic Advising Center request for $125,411.00 because it does not follow Priority 3 of the S&A Guidelines. Keith James seconded. Motion carried. (All in favor)

Academic Achievement, Tutoring for All: Discussed students need to be self-reliant and learning to utilize other avenues available to them through study groups, clubs, service learning groups, asking professors for suggests of other students available for tutoring help. Tutoring is available to those who want to find it.

MOTION: Brad Nelson made a motion to reject the funding request for the Academic Achievement, Tutoring for All in the amount of $26,286.00 to expanded tutoring to all students on campus enrolled in general education classes. Kiley Baker seconded. Motion carried. (6 in favor, 1 no, 2 abstentions)

The University Writing Center request for $200,000 and the Math Center request for $19,838.00 will be decided at a later date.

S&A Program Review:

Jack Baker shared the S&A definitions, which will help guide the S&A Committee. As examples of these categories, we went down our funding list and identified programs, services and activities and many were in more than one category.

Other Business:

Jack Baker brought a proposal from Tina Wang to use the flex budget to cover distant learning allowing her to attend the Student Affairs and Enrollment Management directors’ meetings which are scheduled twice a month. The cost is about $50.00 per session.

MOTION: Scott Robinson made a motion to approve the expense from the flex budget of distant learning capabilitlies allowing Tina Wang to attend the SAEM Directors’ meeting. Ed Day seconded. Motion carried. (8 in favor, 1 abstention)

Schedule of Next Meeting: January 13, 2010.


Keith James moved to adjourn, Scott Robinson seconded. Motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.