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Minutes - Jan 4, 2012

Meeting called to order: Paul Stayback called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m.


Student Members: Isa Harrison, Sheila Jones, Jason Leatherman, Brad Nelson, Paul Stayback, and Dustin Waddle-Ford. Adam Fields has resigned from the committee.
Professors and Professional Staff: Jack Baker, John Bowen, Ed Day, Sharon Jonassen, Kay Kenison, and Scott Robinson. Wendy Williams absent.


MOTION: Jason Leatherman made a motion to approve the agenda as presented. Dustin Waddle-Ford seconded. Motion carried.

Approval of Minutes:

MOTION: Dustin Waddle-Ford made a motion to approval the minutes of November 30, 2011 as presented. Jason Leatherman seconded. Motion carried.

Communication: Paul Stayback shared a letter received from the State Auditor’s office regarding administrative fee. Adam Fields resigned from the S&A Committee. Paul Stayback will nominate a student who has applied from the Yakima Campus.

Chair’s Report:
Paul Stayback will be working on the administrative fee and the letter received from the State Auditors’ office regarding concerns and adjustments for next year.

Public Comment: The Rugby Team traveled to Texas and came in second in the National Competition, and several players were recognized for their outstanding abilities.

Update Report – Marching Band (Larry Gookin)

The Marching Band performs at all home football games, the Battle in Seattle, pep rallies and Wellington’s Wildfire. The Marching Band employs 8 students and their wages are from minimum wage up to $10.00 maximum. The yearly allocation is about $30,000 and S&A approved a one-time supplemental budget of $75,563.01 to purchase new uniforms in 2010. There are approximately 200 students who are involved with the Marching Band and it serves the entire CWU student body. The S&A Committee complemented Larry Gookin on the review that was concise and to the point and it is an example to others on review presentations.

Supplemental or Base Funding Requests – Presentations:

12011 - Eastside University Center Liaisons-Michelle Cyrus: The proposal is for $30,000.00 in supplemental funds for the CWU Eastside University Center Liaisons. The funds will support the students who will be working at the CWU Yakima, Moses Lake and Wenatchee Centers as student liaisons. The proposal is for $20,440.00 for 3 liaisons at $10.50 per hour for 15 hours per week for the full academic year and $9,560.00 in programming expenses. The Eastside Liaisons provide a link between students and staff as they interact with their peers daily; provide feedback by designing and conducting student assessments (surveys) to help identify appropriate resources. The supplemental request will be voted on at the next S&A meeting.

12012 – KCWU FM – Tower Relocation Project – Chris Hull: The supplemental request is for $69,305.00 for the Tower Relocation Project. The lease on the current tower location will be terminating and it is critical to relocate to continue broadcasting. The S&A Committee has a long-standing history of support for the radio station. If the tower is not relocated to this new site, it means going off the air once the present tower site lease expires, relinquishing our FM broadcast frequency, and dismantling our program which is built on the premise of using the radio broadcast medium as a student learning, communication and public service tool for our campus and community. They have committed funds for 78% of the project and this supplemental proposal of $69,305.00 is the remaining need. A alternative proposals was suggested to not purchase the transmitter reducing the request to $57,210.00. The S&A committee will review this proposal and vote at the next meeting.

Supplemental or Base Funding Requests to be voted on:

Paul Stayback was concerned that this proposal does not meet the S&A Guideline #D.b. “Requests for the amounts already expended will not be approved unless they pertain to a condition which affects the life or safety of Central Washington University students or employees, or which affects in a significant way any building or equipment of Central Washington University or the Associated Students of Central Washington University.”

MOTION: Jason Leatherman made a motion for an exception to policy for the Men’s Rugby Teams’ request for travel expenses. Scott Robinson seconded. Motion carried.

Discussion: It was felt that the Rugby Team had come before the committee requesting funds before they traveled to the USA Rugby National 7’s Championship. The proposal could not be voted on because of the schedule for finals, and winter break. The expenses were covered by Corey Sinclair’s budget; and if it is not funded, the rugby team members will pay this expense out of their pockets.

MOTION: John Bowen made a motion to fund the Rugby Club $13,790.00 in travel expenses to the USA Rugby National 7’s Championship in College Station, Texas on December 14-18, 2011. Ed Day seconded. Motion carried.

Old Business: none

New Business:
Funding Scenarios related to the S&A Fee - Sharon Jonasson: Sharon Jonasson shared the spreadsheets with several scenarios as we start looking at the funding for the next year.

Discussion: The Administration has not shared the proposed administrative fee for the next year. The administrative fee will continue as it provides financial health for the University. One of the proposals is to list the administrative fee separate on the student’s accounts. The committee does not want to wait until the last minute to pass, but would like the discussion long before the end of the year. Jack Baker suggested setting up a committee to work with the administration to come up with a proposal all can work within. If the administrative fee is passed on to the providers, there will probably be a dramatic drop in programming available and also a possible drop in the number of student employed. It could impact their budgets by 20-30 percent. The providers have not received any increases in this 4-year cycle. It was thought that there would have been a cost of living adjustment made, but there were no additional funds available. Also there has not been an increase in wages for state employees and this may be proposed in the future by the Legislature.

If the administration turns down the proposal from S&A, it could go to dispute resolution. Paul Stayback brought up the possibility of legal representation for the committee. Would the Attorney General represent the S&A Committee or would outside counsel.

MOTION: Isa Harrison made a motion to have Paul Stayback investigate the possibility of legal representation and the options available and what funds could be used to pay for legal representation. Sheila Jones seconded. Motion carried.

Last year, there was a discussion of the market basket administrative fees and the need to clarify items and how they applied to the student funds, but it was the end of the year and it was rushed through without the discussion that last year’s committee desired. It was proposed to go to dispute resolution, but a revised proposal was presented and approved at the last meeting.

MOTION: Jason Leatherman made a motion to table this discussion until next week under new business. Dustin Waddle-Ford seconded. Motion carried.

Public Comment:

Lorinda Anderson, Civic Engagement, spoke about the continuing support by S&A for funding their 25 students and 2 professional staff. The $65,000.00 in programming dollars would drop to $23,000.00 if they had to pay for the administrative fee, which would be a loss of about 12 student employees.

Paul Stayback encouraged students who are watching the streaming of the meeting to provide feedback, questions or comments on the S&A Committee meetings to the ASCWU BOD office, email or website.

Schedule of Next Meeting: Next meeting Wednesday, January 11, 2012, in SURC 301 starting at 5:30 p.m.

Motion to Adjourned: Dustin Waddle-Ford moved to adjourn. Sheila Jones seconded. Motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.