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Services and Activities

Minutes - Jan 31, 2007

Attendance: David Boyd-Farmer, Adrian Elmo, Victoria Gutierrez, Jamese Johnson, Alexander Kobrianov, Kathryn Ruth, Wendy Williams, Kevin Kimball, David Reynolds, Penglin Wang, Scott Robinson, Jack Baker, Ed Day

Meeting called to order: 5:09 PM

  • In Empowerment center: add the amount requests for 2008 & 2009: $228,336 for 2008 & $228,336 for 2009
  • For the good of the order: Change Jack Baker lets committee know to: Jack Baker informs committee that...
  • For the good of the order: Change D.E. to: Distance Ed.

Approval of minutes from January 24, 2007:

  • Kevin Kimball moves to approve minutes as corrected
  • Kathryn Ruth seconded
  • All in favor
  • Motion passed
Supplemental Request to be heard
  • None
Biannual Requests to be heard
  1. Manastash- Katharine Whitcomb
    • Requesting for $7,000: $3,500 for 2008 & $3,500 for 2009
    • Money will be used for a student ran literacy magazine
    • Showcases creative works from the entire student community
    • Published annually at the end of Spring Quarter
    • Provides dialogue between students and the academic community
    • Money is primarily for the printing of the journal
    • Upgrade for software used: Dreamweaver
    • Would like to have a reception for the writers that are featured in the journal
    • Great opportunity for students to get their work published
    • Willing to open the journal up to the other CWU Centers
  2. PEP Band- Larry Gookin
    • Requesting for $17,368: $8,684 for 2008 & $8,684 for 2009
    • Band performs for all home basketball games
    • Budget based on 15 performances by 31 member basketball band and 1 director
    • Money used for music, uniforms, student Honorarium, student director, benefits, & motor pool services
    • Band adds atmosphere to the games
    • Increase in amount due to having a larger band
    • Students get paid $15 per game
    • Does not receive money from other areas on campus, mainly receive money from S & A
  3. Marching Band- Larry Gookin
    • Requesting for $201,369: $165,480 for 2008 & $35,889 for 2009
    • Money used for music, equipment, salaries, wages, uniforms, and equipment replacements
    • Need money to update equipment
    • Had to borrow instruments from high schools
    • Need to get new uniforms for the 35 students that do not have them and wear sweatshirts
    • Band performs at home games and Battle in Seattle
    • In past, asked administration to help with funding but did not have any success
  4. Civic Engagement- Lorinda Anderson
    • Requesting for $415,826: $201,699 for 2008 & $214,127 for 2009
    • Money used for revenues, expenses, wages, benefits, goods and services, and equipment
    • Mission is to enhance the awareness of social, civic, economic, and environmental injustice issues
    • Purpose is to get students into action to benefit the campus and community
    • Expanding services to the other CWU Centers
    • Identify community service opportunities for students
    • The Civic Engagement has activities that try to get students involved and take action to benefit the community and campus
    • Received grants from other sources
  5. Off Campus Programs- Jack Baker
    • Requesting for $229,500: $114,750 for 2008 & $114,750 for 2009
    • Budget created to provide service to the other 6 CWU centers
    • Mostly for student salaries, goods and services, & equipment
  6. Student Funds Manager- Jack Baker
    • Requesting for $174,000: $87,000 for 2008 & $87,000 for 2009
    • Money for Ed Day's salary, equipment, and goods and services

For the good of the order

  • Wendy Williams reminds committee that the committee made commitment to address child care with administration and has not heard of any follow through
  • Kathryn Ruth will update committee at next meeting about child care issue
  • Jack Baker reminds committee that he will not be at the next meeting
  • Adrian Elmo moved to adjourn meeting
  • Jamese Johnson seconded
  • All in favor
Meeting adjourned at: 7:00PM