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Minutes - Jan 3, 2007

Attendance: David Boyd-Farmer, Adrian Elmo, Jamese Johnson, Victoria Gutierrez, Alexander Kobrianov, David Reynolds, Penglin Wang, Wendy Williams, Scott Robinson, Jack Baker
Excused: Kevin Kimball

Meeting called to order at: 5:06PM

  • Change: In First Amendment Festival Finale: Performer they want is Reverend Billy, preaches gospel and 1st Amendment rights, needs to be flown out here from New York to: Performer they want is Reverend Billy, preaches gospel on 1st Amendment rights, needs to be flown out here from New York
Approval of minutes from November 29, 2006:
  • Wendy Williams moved to approve
  • Adrian Elmo seconded
  • 9 in favor
  • 1 abstention
  • Motion passed
Supplemental requests to be heard
  1. Sports Clubs (revision Request)- Corey Sinclair
    • Requesting permission to use the left over amount from money allocated for Water Polo goals
    • Kathryn Ruth moved to approve the Sports Club to use the remaining balance from their request for Water Polo goals
    • Jamese Johnson seconded
    • All in favor
    • motion passed

Supplemental Requests to be voted on
  1. Theatre Arts-Trip to Chicago-Sarah Peterson
    • Wait for next meeting
  2. Diversity Education Center-Leslie Webb
    • Discussion
    • Adrian Elmo moved to approve the full amount of $16,667 for the Diversity Center
    • David Boyd seconded
    • 8 in favor
    • 2 abstentions
    • Motion passed
  3. First Amendment Festival Finale- Paul Balcerak
    • Comments from Paul Balcerak: Raised $5,000 and the request is now for $18,606, and continuing to try to raise more money
    • Discussion
    • Alexander Kobrianov moved to approve $17,606
    • David Boyd seconded
    • 9 in favor
    • 1 abstention
    • Motion passed

Ground Rules for presentation- David R.
  • Rules will be read at the beginning of each presentation
  • Presenter given 10 minutes to present and 10 minutes for questions, during questioning presenter will call on committee member
  • 1 person called at a time for student input
  • Wait to be recognized by chair during discussions
  • Jack will hold up flash cards to display time left for presentations and questions
Committee update- Jack B
  • Jack comments that moving the name tags and assigned seating's allow committee members to get to know each other
  • Comments that committee should not commit anything to the committee
  • Reminds us that we are not managers to the programs and their money, committee oversees the programs
  • Student run process
  • Try to let the presenters to feel comfortable
  • Encourages us to discuss our time policy, i.e. when to start or end
  • Respect everybody
Policy Discussion
  • Discuss the time to start of the meeting
  • Jack comments that he started scheduling at 5 PM
  • David Boyd and Kathryn Ruth suggests 5 minutes
  • Wendy Williams suggests 10 minute leeway because of Faculty Senate to allow more time to arrive to the meeting
  • David Reynolds is fine with starting at 5:10
  • Penglin Wang suggests starting on time at 5 because the public notice says 5 PM
  • Wendy Williams suggests changing the starting time of the meetings in the policy
  • Committee agrees to start the meetings at 5:10 PM to accommodate committee members needs
For the good of the order
  • None
Kathryn Ruth moved to adjourn the meeting
Jamese Johnson seconded
All in favor

Meeting adjourned at:6:03PM

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