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Minutes - Jan 26, 2005

Attendance: Zack George, David Whittlesey, Annie Castle, Tylene Carnell, Derrick Peters, Emily vonJentzen, Ed Day, Jack Baker, Lola Gallagher, Kristin (Star) Jacobs, Bobby Cummings, Penglin Wang, Kevin Kimball, Robert McGowan, James McDonald
Meeting called to order at 5:05
Approval of previous minutes: Will be approved at the next meeting
  • Funding Proposals:
    • Publicity Center
      • off campus outreach
      • work with on campus departments
      • hire another professional
      • Requesting $96,440
      • ampus Life Administration
      • SUB operations, scheduling, University recreation and intramurals
      • Requesting $304,652
    • SUB Custodial and Engineering
      • Requesting $321,854
    • Center for Excellence and Leadership
      • Leadership education and development
      • Training, leader labs, speakers
      • Impact the students at centers
      • A new position for ten month program coordinator
      • Requesting $151,721
  • Supplemental Request
    • Theater Arts
      • Requesting money to take students to Ashland to the American College Theatre Festival
      • Requesting $5000
Bob made a motion to adjourn the meeting
Derrick second the motion
All in favor

Meeting adjourned at 7:30