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Minutes - Jan 25, 2012

Meeting called to order: Paul Stayback called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.


Student Members: Isa Harrison, Sheila Jones, Jason Leatherman, Brad Nelson, Taylor Robb, Paul Stayback, and Dustin Waddle-Ford Professors and Professional Staff: Jack Baker, John Bowen, Ed Day, Sharon Jonassen, Kay Kenison, Scott Robinson and Wendy Williams.


MOTION: Jason Leatherman made a motion to approve the agenda as submitted. Sheila Jones seconded. Motion carried.

Approval of Minutes:

Paul Stayback would like Board of Directors letter and memo from Ian White included with the minutes.

MOTION: Dustin Waddle-Ford made a motion to approval the minutes of January 18, 2012, as amended. Taylor Robb seconded. Motion carried.

Communication: none

Chair’s Report:
Paul Stayback is continuing to work on the changes to the S&A guidelines and should be ready soon.
At next week’s S&A meeting will be the presentation of the merging of the four centers into two centers and the funding structure. A reminder-the presenters have 10 minutes to present and 10 minutes for questions and answers. Also last week’s meeting was short because streaming and recording of the sessions was not available because the cameraman was struck on the Westside because of weather.

Public Comment: none

Update Report:

Equity and Service Council: K.J. Silling presented information on the Equity and Services Council. There are 10 members who represent students’ diverse interests, needs, and welfare within the University; supplement and complement formal education on the CWU campus. The annual budget of $43,000.00 with $12,000.00 for support staff salaries and the remainder is used for programming many events sponsored by the ESC for the benefit of students.

Theatre Arts – Scott Robinson: The Theatre Arts budget is around $50,000.00 and last year they received $77,350.00 in supplemental funding for the trip to Varna International Music Festival in Varna, Bulgaria, for 25 musical theatre students who also performed in Italy. The annual budget supports 38 student employees whose salaries are in the $9.50 to $10.00 range. The student employees gain skills and opportunities not available in the Ellensburg area, which are critical to their careers in Theatre Arts. The budget also helps with reduced prices for student tickets and the performances by the Central Theatre Ensemble at six CWU Centers free to the audiences.

Supplemental or Base Funding Requests – Presentations:

12018 Student Academic Senate – Allyson Mundy: The request for supplemental funding for Student Academic Senate (SAS) is $8,969.67. Currently SAS has 28 senators (38 if all departments have a representative) from each academic department and SAS meets twice a month. The plan is to use these funds to get the word out to bring in new senators for departments not represented and share what SAS is and how students can access funds to enrich their academic experience with reimbursement for travel, hotel, registration, gas, motor pool, etc. The cost estimate from Publicity for winter ($549.80) and spring quarter ($455.00) to include posters, flyers, sandwich boards, handbills and the designing; and also to provide incentives with T-shirts for the senators and for publicity; and also provide reimbursements for Spring quarter of $150.00 for the executive board members and $100.00 for each SAS senator. The committee will review and vote at the next meeting. There was a concern voiced about the tuition waivers for the executive board and the senators, because SAS is to help with academic experiences for students.

12019 Performance at the Washington Music Educators Conference in Yakima on February 17, 2012 – Gary Weidenaar: The request for $1,135.00 in supplemental funds for travel expenses to the Washington Music Educators Conference in Yakima, Washington, on February 17, 2012, for the CWU Women’s Choir. The Women’s Choir (38 singers and 6 instrumentalists-total of 44 members) was chosen from unmarked live recordings by an audition committee who selected a small number of ensembles to perform at the conference. The Washington Music Educators Conference will also provide the choir members an invaluable experience of performing before 200-300 music educators from elementary through university levels. The choir members will also have the opportunity to attend other concerts and clinics and spread the name and reputation of Central. This request will be voted on at the next S&A meeting.

Supplemental or Base Funding Requests to be voted on: none

Old Business:

Review of S&A Guidelines: Paul Stayback continues to work on the Committee Structure section of the Guidelines and will bring the suggested changes to the Guidelines back to the committee for review. He also suggested that requestors should read and understand the guidelines and have a check box stating that they read and understood. It would be difficult to insure this was accomplished and if the requestor understood the guidelines. It was suggested that a better way could be to have a one page, bulleted sheet with requirements and practical suggestions to help the requestors with their supplemental requests. It was also suggested they could preview an S&A meeting ahead of their presentation. Dustin Waddle-Ford and John Bowen will work on creating the one page sheet to help supplemental fund requestors understand the process, and they will bring it back to the committee for their input.

Supplemental Request: Jack Baker was instructed to clear next week’s agenda for the presentation by Provost Marilyn Levine and Interim Dean of Student Success Ethan Bergman regarding the merger of the four S&A providers into two organizations. Jack received a supplemental request for travel on February 8, but it can’t be placed on the agenda until the February 8, so waiting until the 8th will make this request after the fact. When the new guidelines are finalized and passed, they would help clarify the timing of requests and deadlines.

MOTION: Jason Leatherman made a motion to not allow the supplemental request to be heard because it will make it after the fact. No second. Motion failed.

MOTION: Isa Harrison made a motion to hear this supplemental request at next week’s S&A meeting. Sheila Jones seconded. Motion carried.

Discussion: Why was this request so late and what should be done for future requests to prevent late requests. As the year continues, we could see more requests that are up to the deadline. It is the requestors’ choice to fund the money for airline tickets, hotel reservations, etc. before they have presented and hope for approval by S&A. A clear policy is needed so the requestors know the process and timing.

Motion: Jason Leatherman made a motion to table the S&A fee discussion until next week. No second. Motion failed.

S&A Fee-discussion: Sharon Jonassen would like the committee to start thinking about the fees for next year. The committee will recall the 1% fee that was imposed on the providers and what it will look like in the next budget year. The providers have been absorbing this 1% in their budgets. Last year the committee wanted the providers to “feel” a little of the impact of the administrative fee and now it is causing a greater burden on the providers. The providers have also been hit with the increases to the minimum wage which has gone up 49 cents in this funding cycle or 5.7% plus adding the 1% consequently their budgets have been hit hard. Originally there was an inflationary increase designed into the funding cycle to help, but it has not been implemented. Another impact to the providers is the decrease in support for work study students provided by the State. There is also some discussion in the State Legislature about an increase for state workers; this will impact future salaries and benefits for the providers. These are a few examples of things that will need to be considered as we discuss the increase in fees and the impact on the providers, students and staff. At next week’s meeting, the budgets of the combined providers will be discussed.

Public Comment: none

Comment: John Bowen asked about the role of Mike Merz as he was sitting at the table and participated in the committee’s discussion. Paul Stayback said he was representing the ASCWU BOD president. Paul will talk with the President and Mike Merz about their role at the S&A meetings.

Schedule of Next Meeting: Next meeting--Wednesday, February 1, 2012, in SURC 301 starting at 5:30 p.m.

Motion to Adjourned: Dustin Waddle-Ford moved to adjourn. Taylor Robb seconded. Motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.