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Services and Activities

Minutes - Jan 24, 2007

Attendance: David Boyd-Farmer, Adrian Elmo, Jamese Johnson, Victoria Gutierrez, Alexander Kobrianov, Kathryn Ruth, Wendy Williams, Kevin Kimball, David Reynolds, Penglin Wang, Scott Robinson, Jack Baker, Ed Day

Meeting called to order: 5:14 PM

  • None
Approval for minutes from January 17, 2007:
  • Kevin Kimball moved to approve minutes as presented
  • Kathryn Ruth seconded
  • All in favor
  • Motion passed
Supplemental Request to be heard
  • None
Biannual Request to be heard
  1. Empowerment Center-Katrina Whitney
    • Requesting $458,268: $228,336 for 2008 & $228,336 for 2009
    • Money will be used for goods and services, wages, salaries, programs, new computers and software, supplies, etc.
    • Center has been around since the 80's
    • Empowerment center used to be called the Women Research center
    • Then evolved into being a men and women center
    • Some programs include: Gender, Violence, Non-Traditional/Commuter Student Programming, and Support Services
    • Looking at trying to find a sponsor to help support the center
  2. Sports Clubs-Corey Sinclair
    • Requesting for $223,692: $111,846 for 2008 & $111,846 for 2009
    • Money will be used for student wages, staff, goods and services, travel, equipment purchases, and insurance
    • Designed to allow CWU students the opportunity to compete in various sport related activities
    • Any student can be involved
    • There are 434 members that compete
    • Clubs must fund raise and they will match what the students raised
    • 24 current clubs
  3. Little Cats-Corey Sinclair
    • Requesting $19,160: $9,580 for 2008 & $9,580 for 2009
    • Recreational and educational summer camp
    • Program for children entering grades 1-5
    • All staff are students attending CWU
    • Provides employment opportunities for students in Ellensburg during the summer
    • Money used for staff wages and employee benefits, travel and meals, equipment, and goods and services
  4. KCWU-FM-Chris Hull
    • Requesting $ 513,072: $256,646 for 2008 & $256,426 for 2009
    • Student driven
    • Passed Voluntary FCC inspection
    • Have 40 volunteer student staff, 7 paid student staff, 3 full time staff
    • Requesting money for salary, expected benefits, a full-time Civil Service I.T. Specialist for programming, personnel management, customer relations, marketing, information technology, etc., for 1 additional student employee, staff apparel, and travel
  5. KCWU dedication-Chris Hull
    • Requesting for $50,000: $25,000 for 2008 & $25,000 for 2009
    • Set aside funds to maintain an in-house insurance policy for things such as replacement of high-cost inventoried equipment items
    • Money for events that could possibly happen such as system and parts failure
    • Failure to any one of the station systems could completely shut down the operation

For the good of the order

  • Jack Baker informs committee that the committee is meeting in room 140 next Wednesday
  • Jack Baker will be presenting next week due to being gone on Feb. 7th
  • On Feb. 7th Jack will try to set up a Distance Ed. presentation from Lynnwood
  • There will also be a couple of supplemental requests on Feb. 7th
  • Kathryn Ruth moved to adjourn meeting
  • Scott Robinson seconded
  • All in favor
Adjourn meeting at: 7:04 PM