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Services and Activities

Minutes - Jan 23, 2008

Services and Activities Fee Committee
Minutes January 23, 2008 (Amended)

Meeting called to order: Brent Weisel called the meeting to order at 5:34 p.m. and attendance was taken.

Attendance: Jack Baker, Anna Boyer, Julia Cain, Ed Day, Bob Hood, Kay Kenison, Kevin Kimball, Jeremy McCann, Scott Robinson, Sara Ruiz, Brent Weisel, Wendy Williams and Teri Willard. Absent: Sara Peung. Others: Tony Swartz and Mike Bogatay

Approval of the minutes from January 16, 2008: Scott Robinson moved to approve the minutes as presented. Kevin Kimball seconded. Motion carried. (10 in favor)

Public Comment: None

Discussion: Mike Bogatay shared several concerns about the supplemental request brought before the S&A Committee last week from the Conservative Lecture Series. He questioned the list of contacts and denials for funding and found them misleading. Tony Swartz shared that there were a few listed by mistake, but he did spend hours contacting prospective donors, and some responded verbally that there were no funds available. This discussion raised the question for the S&A Committee about the integrity and quality of the proposals. The Committee may need to add clearer language in the guidelines on what needs to be included in the proposals brought before the Committee.

Last week, there was an exception to the S & A Committee procedures to hear the proposals one week and vote at the next meeting, because of the timing of the Board of Trustees meeting. This shows the importance of waiting to vote until the next meeting, in case there are questions raised or items to research.

The Committee agreed that the discussion regarding the Conservative Lecture Series would not change their approval of S & A funds.

Kevin Kimball questioned the process for approval of the Board of Trustees on all supplemental S&A fund approvals. If there could be a change in the guidelines, which would set a specific amount of allocation needing only the approval of the S & A Committee and not require approval by the Board of Trustees. The S & A Committee is governed by the RCWs and they are a recommending body to the Board of Trustees. It is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees to approve all these transactions. If the Board of Trustees had a major concern, it could be returned to the Committee for further consideration.

Review of Section IV Budget Approval

MOTION: Wendy Williams made a motion to table the review of Section IV Budget Approval until the committee discussed base budget funding. Sara Ruiz seconded. Motion carried. (10 in favor)

Schedule of Next Meeting: The next meeting will be held on January 30 at 5:30 p.m.

For the good of the order: The Committee asked Ed Day to give an overview of the base budget funding plan for the 4-year cycle. The Committee will look at 4-year base budget funding, supplemental funding and funding for one-time requests. Also if the 4-year cycle base funding is adopted, the Committee may need to look at the faculty members’ term of office. Ed was asked to bring back to the Committee several examples of how base budget funding would look for several individual programs funded by S & A Fees.

At next week’s meeting the discussion will continue on base budget funding and review of Section IV of the policy.

The meeting adjourned at 7:25 p.m.