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Services and Activities

Minutes - Jan 20, 2010

Services and Activities Fee Committee

Minutes January 20, 2010

Meeting called to order:

Tyler Anderson, Chair, called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m. and attendance was taken.


Tyler Anderson, Jack Baker, Kiley Baker, Logan Bahr (new executive VP—BOD), Ed Day, Kay Kenison, Caitlin Morrison, Pedro Navarrete, Scott Robinson, Keith James (BOD), and Teri Willard. Excused: Scott King, Brad Nelson and Wendy Williams

Approval of Minutes:

Approval of the minutes from January 13, 2010. Caitlin Morrison moved to approve the minutes as submitted. Pedro Navarrete seconded. Motion carried.

Public Comment:

Keith James introduced Logan Bahr as the new Executive VP-ASCWU BOD and the newest member on the S&A Committee

Discussion on Supplemental Requests:

Request from Vice President for Student Affairs-Charlotte Tullos: Charlotte Tullos came to the S&A committee to discuss S&A’s help in funding several positions that are directly linked to S&A supported programs. The total request is $306,977.00. The request will fund the benefits shortfall for a position approved last year; 2 partial positions in the VP SAEM office; 1 cyclical position and additional goods and services for the Empowerment Center (family resource center); the Westside Student Affairs position; one position plus a partial position and some goods and services for the Empowerment Center. These positions do not provide growth; just to maintain the current staffing levels. The committee would like the positions ranked by their importance. There are no planned salary changes or raises this year, unless everyone at the University is given a raise, which is not likely. There are anticipated cuts to budgets and, hopefully, enrollment will be maintained at the current level. Next year enrollment looks good and transfer students are up by 37%. The committee may wish o look at all the S&A budget providers and rank the by essential services. Cuts will be coming and we need to be prepared. It is still unknown what will happen during this Legislative session, but by the end of the session in March we will know how to proceed. Committee members want to wait until later to decide on all base funding requests.

S&A Program Review:

ASCWU Office of Legislative Affairs: Jack Barry: The Legislative Affairs office is working very hard to present the student’s view to the Legislature. There are three members in the Office of Legislative Affairs, VP Jack Barry, the liaison in Olympia, and the political program coordinator. Since the Legislative session is in full force, the Office of Legislative Affairs will be reaching out to more students and asking for their support and involvement to support student and University issues affecting students. They will be soliciting testimonials for students to present to the Legislators. Jack brought several spreadsheets to show how the S&A funds are being spent. The line items for membership, out-of-state travel and out-of-state meals and lodging are for students to go and represent Central at the United States Student Association National Congress and Washington Student Lobby. Next week the Observer will be giving their presentation.

Definitions: The definitions are a good tool and provided valuable discussion. The committee did not see a need for changes any of the definitions and would use the in future discussions.

Discussion Items:

Writing Center and Math Center: It was suggested to wait until all requests were presented. No other base funding requests have been received.

MOTION: Pedro Navarrete made a motion to table further discussion regarding the Writing Center, the Math Center and Charlotte Tullos’ funding request until the first week of spring quarter. Scott Robinson seconded. Motion carried.

Other Business:

Next week’s in-depth review presentation will be The Observer.

Schedule of Next Meeting: January 27, 2010.


Scott Robinson moved to adjourn, Caitlin Morrison seconded. Motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.