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Minutes - Jan 19, 2005

Attendance: David Whittlesey, Zack George, James McDonald, Penglin Wang, Ed Day, Robert McGowan, Kevin Kimball, Annie Castle, Tylene Carnell, Emily vonJentzen, Derrick Peters, Jack Baker
Visitors: Katrina Whitney, Wendy Williams, Leah Shelton, Joanne Perez, John Drinkwater, Mike Anderson, Andrew Pruitt, Nick Reykdal, Colleen Feeney-Griffith, Michelle Hill, Karen Lasik, Lana Wray, Susan Lillquist, Tanya Hill, Sharon Murdzia-Weyhrich, Sierra Murdzia, Jennie Whiteman, Moriah Whiteman, Al Whiteman, Charis Whalen, Martha Osborn, Chris Gross, Kathleen Gross
Meeting called to order at 5:05

Approval of previous minutes: Will be approved at the next meeting

  • Additions and corrections to previous minutes:
    • Correction made to amount requested for Off Campus Programs
      • David made motion to pass minutes as corrected
      • Tylene second the motion
      • Motion passes
  • New Business:
    • Early Childhood Learning Center
      • 59 kids in the program
      • 43 student parents
      • 17 faculty
      • 9 staff
      • 3 kids with faculty and student parents
      • Requesting $213,987
  • Center for Student Empowerment
    • 26 academic related programs
      • gender
      • violence prevention
      • non-traditional
    • Requesting $136,595
      • Needs to become an 11 month program rather than a ten month program
  • Scheduling Center
    • Schedules SUB and other areas for nonacademic activities
    • Activities are offered to students, staff, faculty, and general public
    • Requesting $30,000
  • Manastash
    • Creative writing journal
    • Campus wide submissions
    • Requesting $3,500 to have layout and design for journal
Bob made a motion to adjourn the meeting
Derrick second the motion
All in favor

Meeting adjourned at 6:40