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Minutes - Jan 17, 2007

Attendance: David Boyd-Farmer, Adrian Elmo, Jamese Johnson, Victoria Gutierrez, Alexander Kobrianov, Kathryn Ruth, Kevin Kimball, David Reynolds, Penglin Wang, Scott Robinson, Jack Baker, Ed Day
Excused: Wendy Williams
Meeting called to order: 5:14PM
Additions/Corrections for minutes on January 10, 2007:
  • None
Approval for minutes on January 10, 2007:
  • Jamese Johnson moved to approve minutes as is
  • Scott Robinson seconded
  • 9 approve
  • 1 abstention
  • Motion passed
Biennial Funding Requests:

  1. Diversity Ed Center-Leslie Webb
    • Requesting $491,457
    • Increases in budget for: salaries for 7 students (working 19hours), increase of goods and services budget (supplies, printing, graphics, telephone, postage, advertisement), travel, computer replacement, furniture
    • Accomplishments: no problems having students attend events, support from students and student initiatives, etc.
  2. Equity and Services Counsel- Derrick Peacock-VP of Equity and Services & Leslie Webb
    • Looking at adding more organizations
    • Had 30 programs last year, this year looking at having larger events
    • Plan programs for campus
    • Had $17,779 carry forward from 2005, in 2006 had $7,063 carry forward
    • Requesting $100,000, $50,000 for 2008 & $50,000 for 2009
    • Majority of money goes to goods and services for things such as programs, supplies, advertising, etc.
  3. Center for Excellence in Leadership- Jennifer Fountain
    • Works with 8 students to provide leadership education and development training through experiential learning
    • Offers leadership transcript, includes activities, honors, leadership activities, etc.
    • Biggest benefit- provides students with required skills for entrance and sustainability in the workplace
    • 40 programs: trainings, retreats, conferences, presentations, served 2000 students
    • Works with other Central centers
    • Don't charge students for programming
    • Requesting for 2007-08:$237,780, 2008-09:$245,337= $483,117
    • Increases in salaries, new position, goods and services, etc.
  4. Student Union Scheduling- Cherie Wilson & Kari Nelson
    • Requesting for $60,000, $30,000 for 2008 & $30,000 for 2009
    • Provides university wide scheduling of both academic and non-academic facilities for non-course credited events such as meetings, workshops, conferences, concerts, banquets, etc.
    • Benefits: allows the university as a whole to have one area on campus support your event management needs
    • Student benefits: schedule space for student clubs, organization, events, on-line scheduling, advise and council the planning of events and activities, provide employment for students, interpret university policies and procedures, and maintain website for scheduling services
    • Receive money from other sources on campus
    • Part of Campus Life but not on the business plan

Supplemental Requests to be heard

  1. Central Transit- Capt. Kevin Higgins
    • Requesting for $50,000
    • Short $23,168 need $26,832 to add 979 more hours of service time
    • Have to show people that the transit is successful for 2 years
    • In past years offered Safe Ride
    • Safe Ride is now Central Transit
    • Added a second bus in November
    • Charge students $3.00 a quarter
    • Have many pickup locations such as: Fred Meyer, Brooklane Village, Bassetti's, Main/ University, etc.
    • Some improvements: Shelters/benches, decrease wait time, need new vehicles, start service sooner in the day, and more information/knowledge of the service
    • Trying to get grants to help out with money in the future
    • Kathryn Ruth moved to allocate $50,000 for Central Transit
    • Alexander Kobrianov seconded
    • Discussion
    • 8 in favor
    • 1 opposed
    • 1 abstention
    • Motion passed
  2. Jazz Band II & Vocal Jazz II- Derek Cour
    • Requesting $2013.32 for transportation and lodging
    • Students will pay for food
    • Money requested is for Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival on February 21-22, 2007 in Moscow, ID
    • Allows the Jazz Band II to compete in a Festival
    • Music department does not receive funds from CWU for this type of travel
    • 30 minute performance followed by 30 minute clinic with a nationally recognized music director
    • Alexander Kobrianov moved to approve $2,015 for transportation and lodging for Jazz Band & Vocal Jazz II
    • Scott Robinson seconded
    • 9 in favor
    • 1 abstention
    • Motion passed

Other Business

  • None
For the good of the order:
  • Jack Baker reminds committee that committee usually hears the request one night and then vote the next meeting, committee has opportunity to vote on requests tonight January 17, 2007 or next meeting
  • Jack Baker would like to inform Kevin Higgins that this is a one time support and any additional support would have to come from student vote
  • Kathryn Ruth moved to adjourn meeting
  • Jamese Johnson seconded
  • All in favor
Meeting adjourned at: 7:05PM