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Minutes - Jan 12, 2005

Attendance: Zack George, James McDonald, Robert McGowan, Penglin Wang, Cassandra Kercher, Leslie Webb, Jack Baker, John Drinkwater, Lucas Westcoat, Sean Soth, Steve Waldeck, Kevin Kimball, Tylene Carnell, Derrick Peters, David Whittlesey, Bobby Cummings, Emily von Jentzen, Annie Castle
Meeting called to order at 5:04
  • Previous Minutes additions or corrections
    • Zack entertained a motion to pass minutes as is
    • Derrick made the motion
    • James second the motion
    • All in favor
    • Motion passes
  • New Business
    • Equity and Services Council
      • One-half of the fund goes towards organizations
      • Over half of funds goes to mother budget (to help organizations)
      • Requesting $57,000
    • Diversity Education Center
      • Requesting $ 152,000 for 2006
      • And 154,000 for 2007
    • LGBTA
      • Fifth quarter in effect
      • Outreach and education
      • 4 academic programs
      • Requesting $25,000
    • Off Campus programs
      • Programs, travel, furnishing, & support
      • Requesting $77,050
      • $30,000 of this money is already allocated to Edmonds Community College
  • Discussion
    • James stated that Zack lead the meetings, he calls on people who have questions, because he is the president
    • Another idea was mentioned that everyone who is going to present needs to introduce themselves ahead of time
James made a motion to adjourn the meeting Derrick second the motion
All in favor

Meeting adjourned at 6:40


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