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Minutes - Jan 11, 2012

Meeting called to order: Paul Stayback called the meeting to order at 5:31 p.m.


Student Members: Isa Harrison, Sheila Jones, Jason Leatherman, Brad Nelson, Paul Stayback, and Dustin Waddle-Ford. Taylor Robb, new S&A member.
Professors and Professional Staff: Jack Baker, John Bowen, Ed Day, Sharon Jonassen, and Kay Kenison. Wendy Williams and Scott Robinson excused.


Changes to the agenda: Michelle Cyrus requested the removal of request #12011(correction in wording in minutes 1/18/2012), add an update by Sharon Jonassen under new business, and add Advisor’s report after Chair Communication.

MOTION: Dustin Waddle-Ford made a motion to approve the agenda with the changes. Isa Harrison seconded. Motion carried.

Approval of Minutes:

MOTION: Jason Leatherman made a motion to approval the minutes of January 4, 2012, as presented. Dustin Waddle-Ford seconded. Motion carried.

Paul Stayback received a letter from the ASCWU BOD regarding request 12011 and 12012.
Programs were distributed from Central Washington University Jazz Band I from their performance on January 4-8, 2012, in Louisville, Kentucky. S&A helped to fund their trip.

Advisor’s Report: The TV programming we have been working on has hit a snag with the length of the S&A meetings. Several options for broadcast times: Monday, 7:00 – 7:30, 7:00-8:00 or 2:00-4:30. It was decided on the 7:00-8:00 time slot and it was hoped viewers would turn to streaming for the remainder of the meeting.

Chair’s Report:
Taylor Robb approved as new member of the S&A Committee.
Monday is a holiday and the ASCWU BOD will not have their weekly meeting to discuss supplemental requests or other business.
The Washington State Legislature is working on Bill 2352 which could make some changes to S&A.
Paul voiced his concern with request #12011 and how funds were found to help with the Eastside liaisons. He encouraged the committee to ask presenters hard questions about availability of other funding sources before they request from S&A.

Public Comment: none

Update Report – University Recreation Summer Camp-Corey Sinclair:
The University Recreation Summer Camp has been operating since the 1980’s. It employs 10 staff for the 12-week program. The student employees are paid minimum wage, while the camp supervisors are paid at a higher rate. The camp is based in the Student Village Multipurpose room, but they utilize the CWU pool, the Recreation Center and the Climbing Wall, in addition to academic areas. The number of camp participants was down last year to 27 campers from the 2010 average of 44 campers, causing a loss in revenue, and could be caused by the economy. Another impact to the budget has been the implementation of the Administrative Fee. The program has been well received by parents and children.

Supplemental or Base Funding Requests – Presentations:

12013 – CWU Wind Ensemble Concert with Columbia Basin College – Larry Gookin: The request for supplemental funds for travel expenses for the CWU Wind Ensemble is $1,899.84 to participate with the Columbia Basin College Wind Ensemble in Pasco, Washington, Tuesday, March 6, 2012. The budget is for a 55-passenger bus and an equipment van and food expenses for 55 students. This provides an excellent exposure for our music program and Central. It was suggested that they check with academic senate and club senate to see if there are funds for travel expenses. The supplemental request will be voted on at the next S&A meeting.

12014 – CWU Wind Ensemble Washington Music Educators Conference – Larry Gookin: The request for $2,386.30 in supplemental funds for travel expenses to the Washington Music Educators Association (WMEA) conference in Yakima on February 17-20, 2012. The Wind Ensemble was selected by submitting an unmarked audition tape. They were selected to perform at the Hall of Fame concert on Friday, February 17 at 2:00 PM during the opening session and the most prestigious concert hour. The conference will provide an opportunity for the musicians attending to make contact for student teaching, attend workshops and clinics, and attend concerts by others. The request is for transportation by bus, an equipment van, food expenses, and programs. The conference is for 4-days, but this request is only for travel for the performance on February 17. If students wish to attend the rest of the conference, they will be providing their own transportation. The question of seeking other funding or student out-of-pocket expense to participation was asked. They felt fundraising has dried up and they were not sure what was available through academic senate and club senate, but they will check into the possibility. The request will be considered at the next S&A meeting.

12015 Alpha Kappa Psi Leadership Institute: Ian White: Alpha Kappa Psi is requesting $11,160.00 (revised amount) in supplemental funds for travel to the Professional Business Leadership Institute to be held in Reno, Nevada, on February 24, 2012. They plan on having 30 participants attend. The participants are expected to acquire professional leadership skills, and network with business leaders and alumni and work with other college chapters to bring new ideas to help plan events at CWU. Alpha Kappa Psi provides about 600 hours of community service each year. The Alpha Kappa Psi had set-aside money, but an unforeseen insurance expense utilized those funds. The S&A Committee will consider this request at the next meeting.

12016 Nutrition College Bowl: The Nutrition College Bowl is held at California State University at Northridge on March10, 2012, and the 4 team members are planning on attending and competing. The request is for $977.14 for travel and lodging expenses, T-shirts and educational supplies. The students have been training weekly on a wide variety of subjects covered during the competition and these are also subjects that will benefit the students when taking the exam for Registered Dietitians. They have participated in fund raising bake sales, donation of $500.00 from CEPS and $500.00 from Shoudy Trust, and they are expecting $900 from academic senate. The committee appreciated their diligence in finding other funding sources. This request will be considered at the next S&A meeting.

Supplemental or Base Funding Requests to be voted on:

12012 – KCWU FM – Tower Relocation Project – Chris Hull: The supplemental request is for $69,305.00 for the Tower Relocation Project. The lease on the current tower location will be terminating and it is critical to relocate to continue broadcasting. They have committed funds for 78% of the project and this supplemental proposal of $69,305.00 is what is remaining.

MOTION: Jason Leatherman made a motion to fund $26,515.00 in supplemental funds for the relocation of the KCWU FM radio tower. Isa Harrison seconded.

Discussion: There was concern voiced that the project could not be accomplished with the lower amount. The transmitter is a critical piece of equipment and with moving and reconfiguring it could have problems. The savings by moving the transmitter was estimated at $8,500.00 per year considerably more than mentioned at last week’s meeting.

AMENDED MOTION: Sheila Jones made a motion to fund $50,000.00 in supplemental funds for the relocation of the KCWU FM radio tower to the SURC building. Brad Nelson seconded. Motion carried. (1 abstention.)

Old Business: none

New Business:

How do we wish to address changes to the S&A Guidelines-Policies and Procedures? Paul Stayback read the section 1.A. Committee Structure--Item 2. regarding the student committee structure. In the discussion, the number of students on the committee will increase to 8 students. It was suggested that the original wording regarding the recruiting and appointing of committee members made it easier for the ASCWU Board of Directors to appoint students, and the committee was not in favor of specifying student appointments from university centers. It is important to include university centers when considering appointments, but not to mandate their representation. Also removing the Executive Vice President from chairing the committee-it should be an elected position.

MOTION: Jason Leatherman made a motion to incorporate the changes discussed to the S&A guidelines and bring these changes back to the committee for final approval. Dustin Waddle-Ford seconded. Motion carried.

Update from Sharon Jonasson:

The only legal requirement is to accurately account for all S&A fee revenues assessed and collected by the University. Therefore, Sharon Jonasson suggested setting up separate funds under the S&A umbrella for bonds, administrative fee and bond reserve requirements and a second fund for base allocations and supplemental funds. This structure will allow the S&A committee to manage the funds independently with a better focus on the base allocations and supplemental funding, which could benefit students. Sharon also suggested moving the S&A portion of the administrative support costs out of the individual program budgets along with the allocations. The programs have experienced confusion with their budgets regarding the administrative fee and this will make it clearer to the providers.

MOTION: Jason Leatherman made a motion to approve the accounting procedures and changes discussed by Sharon Jonasson. Isa Harrison seconded. Motion carried.

The proposal for next year’s administrative support costs (market basket) is being worked on and will be brought back to the committee at a later date. The committee will need to look at the proposed S&A fee increase and proposed administrative support costs early and suggested having it accomplished by mid March leaving time for dispute resolution process if necessary. The meeting agendas may need to be limited to accomplish these discussions.

Update on possible legal assistance regarding administrative fee: Bruce Porter said funds could not be used for legal representation. Free legal service could be used. The BOD is looking at alternatives and will bring information to the next meeting.

Public Comment: none

Schedule of Next Meeting: Next meeting Wednesday, January 18, 2012, in SURC 301 starting at 5:30 p.m.

Motion to Adjourned: Jason Leatherman moved to adjourn. Dustin Waddle-Ford seconded. Motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.


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