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Minutes - Jan 10, 2007

Attendance: David Boyd-Farmer, Adrian Elmo, Jamese Johnson, Victoria Gutierrez, Alexander Kobrianov, Kathryn Ruth, David Reynolds, Penglin Wang, Wendy Williams, Scott Robinson, Jack Baker, Ed Day
Excused: Kevin Kimball

Meeting called to order: 5:10 PM

  • None
Approval of minutes for January 3, 2007:
  • Adrian Elmo moved to approve
  • Kathryn Ruth seconded
  • All in favor
  • Motion passed
Supplemental Requests to be heard
  • None
Biennial Funding Request to be heard
  1. Observer- Christine Page
    • Asking for $80,000
    • $40,000 for each biennium year 2008 & 2009
    • Money used for printing, spreading paper around campus and town, hoping to increase staff wages, technology upgrades, bring on another staff member, etc
    • In the future they are trying to get the Observer printed in English and Spanish to accommodate all students and community
    • Want to expand coverage to the other Central centers
    • Covers events, concerns and news of the campus community
    • Last year they asked for $50,000 per year
  2. Career Services- Jackie Johnson
    • Asking for $113,990, $56,490 for 2008 and $57,500 for 2009
    • Awarded $44,928 in 2006 and $44,928 for 2007 last biennium year
    • Dedicated to educating and empowering undergraduates, graduates, and alumni in career development
    • Money used for salaries and goods and services

Other business

S&A Payroll Increases update- Ed Day
  • In November approved $162,260 for allocations
  • After Board of Trustees approves the money allocated throughout the year, total money allocated is $194,810
  • Ed Day asked to approve another $32,550
  • Kathryn Ruth moved to approve $32,550 for S&A salary increases
  • Alexander Kobrianov seconded
  • Discussion
  • Money left after first year is carried forward, money left after the second year is given back to S&A, only keep revenue money
  • Kathryn Ruth called the question
  • All in favor
  • Motion passed
For the good of the order
  • Jack Baker tells committee there is a Supplemental Request for the next meeting
Jamese Johnson moved to adjourn meeting
Scott Robinson seconded
All in favor

Meeting adjourned at: 5:56PM

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