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Minutes - Feb 9, 2005

Attendance: Zack George, James McDonald, Kevin Kimball, Derrick Peters, Penglin Wang, Robert McGowan, Jack Baker, Ed Day, Emily vonJentzen, Tylene Carnell, Annie Castle, David Whittlesey
Unexcused Bobby Cummings
Meeting called to order at 5:11
Additions and corrections to January 26, 2005 minutes:
  • Make a new bullet and move "hiring another professional" up about the amount requested. Under Publicity Center
  • Under CEL move "new position" above the requesting amount
    • Derrick made a motion to approve the minutes as corrected
    • Annie seconded the motion
    • Motion passes
Additions and corrections to February 2, 2005 minutes:
  • KCWU lowered request to $573,171
  • KCWU: Change from 1 director to 1 PR director and 1 Assistant to 1 PR Assistant Director
  • Civic Engagement change 207 to 2007
  • Add P.M. to times
  • Under Theater Arts: Motion approved
    • Zack entertained a motion to approve as corrected
    • James made the motion to approve as corrected
    • Bob second the motion
    • Motion passed as amended
New Business
  • Career Services:
    • Requesting $44,928
      • Funds needed to fund 1 ten month position at CWU Highline/DesMoines Center
  • Observer:
    • Requesting $50,000
      • Funds needed for printing and distribution
      • To continue providing the newspaper to students for free
  • Theater Arts:
    • Requesting $39,500
      • Funds needed to help with student employment
      • To help fund students to go to the festival for the next two years
  • Child Care Central:
    • Care for infants and toddlers
    • Top 3 programs:
      • Childfind- assessment for special needs
      • Literacy Campaign- distribute age appropriate & ethnically diverse literacy
      • Plus for Family- teaches positive parenting practices
    • Requested $40,000
    • Funds needed to help with wages
Zack entertained a motion to adjourn
Bob made the motion to adjourn
Annie seconded the motion
Motion passes
Meeting adjourned at 7:10