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Minutes - Feb 28, 2007

Attendance: David Boyd-Farmer, Adrian Elmo, David Reynolds, Jamese Johnson, Alexander Kobrianov,
Kathryn Ruth, Wendy Williams, Kevin Kimball, Jack Baker, Ed Day, Scott Robinson

Excused: Victoria Gutierrez, Penglin Wang

Meeting called to order at: 5:17 PM

  • None
Approval of minutes from February 14, 2007
  • Kevin Kimball moved to approve minutes from February 14, 2007
  • David Boyd-Farmer seconded
  • All in favor
  • Motion passed
Biannual Requests to be heard:
  1. Ware Fair- Scott Drummond
    • Requesting $ 7,270: $ 3,635 for 2008 & $ 3,635 for 2009
    • Overview and explanation on ware fair
    • Relatively small request- seek assistance
    • Is the allocation beneficial?
    • Spoke about descent year in the past and showed financial summary
    • Talked about the issue that one price fits all.
    • Need to go back to 2 tiered program because it works the best and best adequate
    • Question on whether 2 tier program will help or not. In the past year 20 vendors pulled out due to the fact that they couldn't handle the change.
    • Spoke about community percentage being higher with 2 tier program even though it did show some percentage drop. Still in hope to improve this.
    • Provide decorations, marketing costs, don't anticipate these to jump much higher.
    • Discussing ware fair for entertainment for students
    • 1 tier vs. 2 tier program
  2. Homecoming- Scott Drummond
    • Requesting $98,650: $49,325 for 2008 & $49,325 for 2009
    • Insure that S&A committee activities and campus life are brought back to University.
    • Students ask the question: Why don't we have Jay Leno? Popular Entertainers?
    • Budget needs to work to bring these type of people for the activity
    • Can no longer use Nicholson Pavilion due to space, will need to use Ball room.
    • CWU students have now come to expect top name entertainers to perform during the Homecoming program
    • $35,000 is an allocation buffer
    • Anything that was developed through revenue was supplemented
    • Funding needs to be increased from 35 to 49 to lower the risk of smaller outcome
    • Campus activity-Homecoming needs to be separated from Campus life.
    • Due to scheduling conflicts with Nicholson Pavilion will need to use the Ball room so we are able to get to area where activity will not endanger anyone.
    • Make sure homecoming is classified as homecoming only, doesn't involve any other activity. Homecoming budget stands on its own.
    • One date in the year: How to pick entertainer
    • Take these thoughts into consideration: Who is the most successful? Who is available? The cost of the entertainer?
  3. Campus Activities- Scott Drummond
    • Requesting $395,907: $197,573 for 2008 & $198,334 for 2009
    • Presented what would be considered to be an A Budget
    • Discuss new student Programs- work in support with orientation
    • Start seeing major speakers, improve and make better movies available to students
    • Talked about student's questions on better entertainers.
    • Increase promoting to bring back speakers and entertainers
    • Need to address up-grades such as Open Mic-night, bands in the pit
    • Need to improve x-box machines, improve machines overall.
    • Provide day to day fun activities for campus life
    • Clarified that major concerts and events aren't included in the budget.
    • Support students interests, recreational hobbies
    • Provide events that are recognized by students
    • How to collaborate on program- students and faculty need to be credited
    • Put more programs on the table
    • If there is a $5000 dollar discrepancy then would be open to take it anyways.
    • Request is to pay for student programs
    • Students who work on the programs would like to be credited with dealing with program and planning the program

Supplemental Request to be heard
  1. Recreation Center- Steve Waldeck Requesting Contingency funds $ 32,000
    • Update on Exciting program.
    • Proposed a Challenge Course to Campus- University Recreational Proposal
    • Gave a short overview of what it is.
    • Ryan Hopkins introduced Challenge Course.
    • Walked through program showing how to obtain funds which will be used to purchase and install a Challenge Course
    • Goals: develop group skills, as well as individual skills.
    • High Elements are 10-60ft.
    • Low Elements are 1-6ft
    • Provide a safe environment where people can work through challenges that happen through ones daily life
    • Create a community that encourages and supports the emotional and personal growth.
    • Strive to develop a supportive University
    • Everyone can participate from prospective students, international students, faculty and staff, and physically disabled students.
    • Large numbers of people and small numbers of people can participate in this course.
    • Success of the course is based on the assets of the group, not individual physical prowess
    • People with physical abilities would be able to participate- certain devices will be available and will be built onto structure. Physical disabilities are taken into account
    • Design of project: talked about factors like community demographic, intended use, resources and space
    • Need to have 3 Universities propose this course by the same manufacturer and same source
    • Funding outside of this meeting consists of partnerships. University Recreation has sought out campus partnerships to secure the necessary funding so the entire project can be funded
    • Army-ROTC and Military Science may have keys and training to know how course works and to have access to challenge course.
    • Rob Perkins who is a faculty member for leadership courses could introduce training for course, those with recreation management major can participate
    • Facilities management, Disability support services, Center for Excellence in Leadership can provide support.
    • Discussed total estimated cost of Project- $ 160,000
    • Discussed total funds secured and committed. Received $ 30,000 from president last spring 2006, received funds from outdoor pursuits (Univ. Recreation) - $60,000.
    • Funds that were to be requested $70,000 now needs $32,000
    • Operational budget still needed, still need to think about paying the staff, and the maintenance of the course.
    • Proposed construction project with 20% contingency
    • Proposal submitted to the president indicating the financial need in order to move forward with this project.
    • Will communicate with S&A regarding any additional funding we may receive form the Presidents office
    • Insurance costs discussed, additional information will be needed before able to address insurance costs.

For the good of the order
  • Jack Baker will email each member with reminder about meeting next week.
  • Kevin Kimball moved to adjourn the meeting
  • Adrian Elmo seconded
  • All in favor
Meeting adjourned at 6: 42 PM

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