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Services and Activities

Minutes - Feb 27, 2008

Services and Activities Fee Committee

February 27, 2008

Meeting called to order: Brent Weisel called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. and attendance was taken.

Attendance: Jack Baker, Anna Boyer, Julia Cain, Ed Day, Bob Hood, Justin Jenkins, Kay Kenison, Jeremy McCann, Steve Rittereiser for Kevin Kimball, Scott Robinson, Sara Ruiz, Brent Weisel, Teri Willard and Wendy Williams.

Approval of the minutes from February 20, 2008: Julia Cain moved to approve the minutes as presented. Anna Boyer seconded. Motion carried. (9 in favor – 2 abstentions)

Public Comment: None

Change of Order of Agenda: Wendy Williams suggested Supplemental Requests for Funding come before Sharing of the Planned S&A four-year funding process. There were no objections.

Supplemental Requests for Funding:

Programming Request for Law and Justice Club – Angella Culic: The CWU Ellensburg Law and Justice Club is requesting S&A supplemental funds to show the film, “EXECUTION,” host a reception and a panel discussion on the death penalty and journalism ethics at CWU campuses--Ellensburg, Lynnwood and Des Moines. The total cost for the events is $6,590.00, and they have raised funds in the amount of $4,240.00, leaving the balance of $2,350.00 requested from S&A. This request will be discussed and voted on at the next S&A meeting.

Undergraduate Team—2008 International Counseling Psychology Conference Travel Funds – Dan Neighbors: The undergraduate team have been accepted to present four papers to the 2008 International Counseling Psychology Conference in Chicago, Illinois, and are asking for $3,318.05 to help with travel costs for 4 individuals. These individuals were not able to do fundraising as a group and they are not affiliated with the psychology club. Wendy Williams excused herself and helped answer questions from the committee. This request will be discussed and voted on at the next S&A meeting.

Planned S&A Four-Year Funding Process – Ed Day: Ed Day presented the proposed 4-year funding process to the S&A Committee and many recipients of S&A funding. He outlined how the new process would work and the expectations of running the budgets over 4 years instead of the current 2-year process. The 4-year plan will help recipients manage their funds over a longer period of time. He also pointed out the three priorities for supplemental funding and how the priorities would be handled. Another component is extensive review of each recipient in the 4 years. Currently, an annual report is provided and there is little chance for review. Ed answered questions to help clarify the new process, and encouraged recipients to contact him if other questions arise.

Supplemental Requests to be voted on or discussed further:

Jazz Band: Scott Robinson made a motion to approve $2,675.00 for the Jazz Band to go to the Monterey Jazz Festival. Julia Cain seconded. Motion carried (All in favor).

Senate for Student Academic Affairs: Danielle Howard shared the revised proposal for the Senate for Student Academic Affairs and the revised request for supplemental funds of $28,725.00—Operating expenses total $8,725 through 2009, and the total Experiential Learning Fund request is $20,000--$5,000 for Spring 2008 and $5,000 each quarter for 2008-2009 academic year-$15,000. Danielle further explained that the maximum was $200 per student and the Senate would suggest students go to S&A if their request exceeded $200.00. Students would be advised that they could receive funding from only one source. A discussion followed.

MOTION: Sarah Ruiz made a motion to approve $28,725 to set up the Senate for Student Academic Affairs and to include Experiential Learning Funds through the 2008-2009 year. Julia Cain seconded. Motion carried. (7 in favor, 2 abstentions, 2 absent)

S&A funding for payroll increases for FY08 – Ed Day: Ed Day explained the need for funding administrative and civil service pay/benefits increases for FY 2008, which will amount to $151,735.00. A formal motion needs to be made to fund these increases.

MOTION: Scott Robinson made a motion to accept the administrative and civil service pay/benefits increases of $151,735.00 for the FY 2008. Julia Cain seconded. Motion carried (all in favor).


Committee members were asked to review the whole document and especially the changes. If the S&A Committee has comments or changes, please send them to Jack Baker. Also review the document compared to the RCW for compliance.

Schedule of Next Meeting:

The next meeting is Wednesday, March 5, at 5:30 p.m. There will be no meetings on March 12 (finals week) or March 19 (spring break).

For the good of the order:

Wendy Williams would like the S&A Committee to create a statement of the position of the S&A Committee in regards to the use of S&A funds, because of the controversy regarding the S&A committee funding of the Conservative Lecture series, who brought Mr. Gilchrist to campus. Scott Robinson asked Wendy Williams to draft a statement for review at the next meeting.

As the discussion continued about the event sponsored by the College Republicans through their Conservative Lecture Series, who brought Mr. Gilchrist for a debate on “Illegal immigration is ruining American,” and Mr. Gilchrist’s inappropriate behavior, students, staff and faculty were recognized, voiced their concerns, shared their feelings, asked questions, and shared their concern for their personal safety. This was a lively discussion. The discussion was closed and the meeting adjourned.

MOTION: Sarah Ruiz made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Scott Robinson seconded. Motion carried. (All in favor)

The meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.