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Minutes - Feb 14, 2007

Attendance: David Boyd-Farmer, Adrian Elmo, David Reynolds Victoria Gutierrez, Jamese Johnson,
Alexander Kobrianov, Kathryn Ruth, Wendy Williams, Kevin Kimball, Jack Baker, Ed Day

Excused: Scott Robinson, Penglin Wang

Meeting called to order at: 5:12 PM


  • None
Approval of minutes from February 7, 2007
  • Kevin Kimball moved to approve minutes from February 7, 2007
  • Adrian Elmo seconded
  • All in favor
  • Motion passed
Biannual Requests to be heard:
  1. Publicity Center- Lola Gallagher
    • Requesting $ 357,492: $178,746 for 2008 & $178,746 for 2009
    • Money for wages and benefits, goods and services, travel and meals, & equipment purchases (new computers & software)
    • Update, maintain, and redesign departmental web pages to provide the most current information possible
    • Provides support for literally hundreds of programs each year
    • Provides consultation and services in graphic design, advertising, marketing, web development, and associated production and public relations/media support for programming efforts
    • Provides opportunities for its student employees and interns to develop marketable skills, develop their portfolios and resumes
    • Have 10 student employees and are hiring 2 more
    • Asking for funding for internships
    • If not fully funded it would impact program by not being able to accept more work or requests because there would not be available staff, would not be able to hire more staff or supervisors
  2. ASCWU Legislative- Steve DuPont
    • Requesting $44,823: $19,465 for 2008 & $25,358 for 2009
    • Insure that students are heard at the state and federal levels of government
    • Primary expenditures are ASCWU Office of Legislative Affairs is the Legislative Liaison who is doing a full-time internship at the capital in Olympia and travel for the ASCWU Board of Directors and students involved with the Washington Student Lobby
    • Attempts to be the "Wildcat Voice" to various government entities
    • Promote student involvement and awareness of the political process
  3. Club Senate- Toni Aronica
    • Requesting $133,474: $66,737 for 2008 & $66,737 for 2009
    • Support student's interests, recreational hobbies, competitive appetites, academic goals, and career pursuits
    • Clubs that are representative of the campus' diverse student population are recognized each year
    • Clubs help students find jobs, help send students to conferences
    • Fund travel, lodging, registration, hosting guest speakers, advertising, and acquiring educational supplies
    • Money awarded is allocated to individual clubs by a majority vote of the whole body consisting of one vote per recognized club
    • Money is allocated to students by students
    • 92 senate clubs and 24 sports clubs
    • Without funding it would not be possible for clubs to provide events that cultivate enthusiasm and a culture of excellence and engagement on CWU's campus
  4. ASCWUBOD- Jadon Berry
    • Requesting $284,900: $141,700 for 2008 & $143,200 for 2009
    • It is a reflection of the CWU student voice
    • Strive to proactively carry out the student voice and provide them with strong, accurate, representation throughout the university
    • Increases are due to event plannings suggested by students
    • Request is to pay for salaries and wages, student programming, employee benefits, communication costs, travel, leadership development, and general operating costs
    • Without funding there will be a definite lapse in communication, which would cause immediate under-representation on behalf of the ASCWU
  5. Sarah Spurgeon Gallery- William Folkestad
    • Requesting $87,808: $43,904 for 2008 & $43,904 for 2009
    • Purpose is to offer CWU students and faculty and community the opportunity to view and experience are exhibitions
    • Exhibitions and related outreach programs are designed to enhance, engage, and challenge the viewer's knowledge and understanding of art
    • Do not collect funds from students for the exhibitions or galleries
    • Were able to double their attendance for the galleries
    • The funds received were used for: costs for visiting artists/speakers/lecturers, participation in conferences and exhibitions, increased hours of operation, student interns salaries, and interdisciplinary development
    • Money for wages and benefits & goods and services

Supplemental Request to be voted on

  1. CWU Jazz Band I-Chris Bruya or Grad. Student
    • Alexander Kobrianov moved to approve $2,495 for the University of Northern Colorado Jazz Festival
    • Jamese Johnson seconded
    • Open to discussion
    • Victoria Gutierrez called the question
    • 6 approved
    • 2 opposed
    • 1 abstention
    • Motion passed

For the good of the order
  • None
  • Kathryn Ruth moved to approve
  • Jamese Johnson seconded
  • All in favor

Meeting adjourned at: 6:41PM


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