Services and Activities

Minutes - Feb 13, 2008

Services and Activities Fee Committee

February 13, 2008

Meeting called to order: Brent Weisel called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. and attendance was taken.

Attendance: Jack Baker, Anna Boyer, Julia Cain, Ed Day, Bob Hood, Kay Kenison, Kevin Kimball, Jeremy McCann, Scott Robinson, Sara Ruiz, Brent Weisel, Teri Willard and Wendy Williams.

Approval of the minutes from January 30, 2008: Anna Boyer moved to approve the minutes as presented. Wendy Williams seconded. Motion carried. (10 in favor)

Public Comment: None

Election of New Vice Chair: Sara Ruiz voiced interested in the position of Vice Chair and hearing no other nominations. Sara Ruiz was elected Vice Chair (10 in favor).


The committee continued the review of Section IV. Jack Baker shared his thoughts on Section B Service and Activities Fee Increases. The committee continued the review of Section IV making several changes to reflect the new funding cycle. In paragraph D, item 2, the Services and Activities Fees Reserve Account was increased to $1,000,000.

There was a discussion on contingency funding. It was decided to create a budget line item for funding requests that are time sensitive and under a certain dollar amount, to be determined, similar to the budget line item Jack Baker uses for the Westside Centers.

Schedule of Next Meeting:

At the next meeting, February 20, the Committee will review all the changes made to the S&A Guidelines and Procedures, and review the State RCW’s regarding S&A Fees and Activities. After finalization of the draft, the providers will be invited to the next two informational meetings (February 27 and March 5) for a presentation on the new four-year base budget funding, including a question and answer period.

For the good of the order:

Scott Robinson made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Sara Ruiz seconded. Motion carried. (10 in favor)

The meeting adjourned at 6:35 p.m.