Services and Activities

Minutes - Dec 1, 2004

Attendance: Jack Baker, Ed A. Day, Katrina Whitney, Emily von Jentzen, Janie Charlton, John Drinkwater, Derrick Peters, David Whittlesey, Zack George, James McDonald, Robert McGowan, Bob Ford, Steve Waldeck, Penglin Wang, Tylene Carnell, Kevin Kimball
Excused: Bobby Cummings
Meeting called to order at 5:04 p.m.
  • Previous Minutes: Zack entertained a motion to approve the minutes
    • Derrick made the motion
    • Motion passes minutes approved
  • New Business:
    • Early Childhood Learning Center
      • Requested $6,000 from S&A to cover deficit from previous year
      • Derrick made motion move $16,000 from custodial budget into the Early Childhood Learning Center
      • Kevin second the motion
      • 2 opposed
      • Motion passes to move $16,000 from custodial budget to Early Childhood Learning Center
    • Sports Club
      • Requesting $6000 to help offset cost of pending insurance
      • Requesting $4,500 to help support the addition and growth of clubs
      • Requesting $4,500 to support national travel and equipment purchases
      • Bob McGowan entertained a motion to fully support the sports club for $15,000
      • Thomas second the motion
      • All in favor
      • Motion passes
    • Year End Reports
      • Bob made motion that a letter be sent to all recipients of S&A funds that states: No new proposals will be considered until year end reports are submitted effective 2004
      • Motion second by Kevin
      • All in favor
      • Motion passes
  • Old Business:
    • Funding Priorities
      • Bob made a motion to delegate to anyone who wants to be involved; a letter goes out addressing the advised priorities.
      • All in favor
      • Motion passes
Bob made motion to adjourn
James second the motion

Meeting adjourned at 7:05