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Services and Activities

Minutes - April 26, 2006

Attendance: Catie Bellinger, Chris Casey, Bradford Gay, Ash Gilmore, Kathryn Ruth, Penglin Wang, Kevin Kimball, Ed Day, Jack Baker

Excused: David Reynolds, Diane Reich

Unexcused: Wendy Williams

Meeting called to order at 5:08PM

Approval of agenda
Moved Ash
Chris 2nd
All in favor
Agenda approved

Approval of minutes from 4/12/06
With corrections
Move Ash
Catie 2nd
Minutes approved

Supplemental Requests

Empowerment Center program funding request-Ann Grabler

  • 6 day counseling program
  • also mentorship program where each counselor will be with a girl the rest of the year as a mentor
  • targets low income lady students
  • one goal is to show them the importance of education and that college is an option
  • would like to have a camp for males next year
  • aiming towards 35 young ladies for the first year

Other Business

Discussion regarding the 10,000 hours campaign
Move to maintain funding in their account by Ash
Catie 2nd
All in favor
Motion carries

Future S & A funding

Will bring this topic up on the next supplemental year

We will skip next meeting!!

Meeting adjourned at 5:50PM


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