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Minutes - April 15, 2009

Meeting called to order:

Julia Cain called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m. and attendance was taken.


Jack Baker, Julia Cain, Ed Day, Megan Hammond, Kay Kenison, Kevin Kimball, Riley LaMie, Caitlin Morrison, Stephanie Oberlander, Scott Robinson, Brook Rutledge, Wendy Williams, and Teri Willard. Excused: Brent Weisel.

Approval of the minutes from April 8, 2009:

Stephanie Oberlander moved to approve the minutes as presented. Megan Hammond seconded. Motion carried. (9 in favor, 1 abstention)

Public Comment:

none (Note: If someone is in the audience wishes to be recognized, S&A committee member must recognize that individual before they may speak.)

Supplemental Request to be heard:

Request to travel to Conference and Juried Art Show – Joseph Churchman: The supplemental request is for $656.40 from the total travel expenses of $1,156.40. Mr. Churchman has received $500.00 from Dr. Charlotte Tullos and he is asking for help for the remainder of the travel expenses to Philadelphia in late May to attend the Society of North American Goldsmiths Annual Conference. Mr. Churchman has been accepted into three juried exhibitions that are in conjunction with this conference. He feels this is an opportunity to network with established artists and professors, as well as other students and to represent Central Washington University. This request will be further discussed and a vote taken at the next S&A Committee meeting.

Supplemental Request to be voted on:

GALA request for Keynote Speaker – Joshua Rumley: The supplemental request is for $7,800.00 for the GALA’s keynote speaker, Dan Savage, for the PRIDE celebration the first week of June.

MOTION: Brook Rutledge made a motion to approve $7,800.00 in supplemental funds for the keynote speaker Dan Savage during the PRIDE celebration. Caitlin Morrison seconded. Motion carried. (7 in favor, 2 abstention) It was agreed that this is a benefit to the campus community.

MOTION: Wendy Williams made a motion to vote on the supplemental request by Joseph Churchman tonight, so it would be included in the information going to the Board of Trustees. Riley LaMie seconded. Motion did not pass-no majority vote. It is important to continue with the process of hearing the request one week and voting the next week. Mr. Churchman still has several other funding sources he is waiting on.

Budget Allocation Discussion:

The committee relooked at the funding requests and reallocated several. The items changed on the worksheet: Diversity Education Center, $230,000; Civic Engagement Center, $225,000; Center for Excellence in Leadership, $210,000, Center for Student Empowerment, $184,000; Campus Activities, $130,000, Publicity Center, $146,400; and University Centers and CC Relations, $73,000. The budget was balanced and the justification was discussed.

MOTION: Stephanie Oberlander made a motion to accept the base funding budget as revised. Caitlin Morrison seconded. Motion carried. (All in favor.)

The committee felt that this budget shows strong support for the arts, diversity and the Westside centers.

For the good of the order:

Megan Hammond said she could miss several meetings because she is running for a position on the ASCWU Board of Directors and candidate forums may be held at the same time as the S&A meetings.

Schedule of Next Meeting:

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 22, 2009, at 5:30 p.m.


Caitlin Morrison moved to adjourn, Stephanie Oberlander seconded. Motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.


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