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Minutes - April 11, 2007

Attendance: David Boyd-Farmer, Adrian Elmo, David Reynolds, Victoria Gutierrez, Alexander Kobrianov, Jamese Johnson, Kathryn Ruth, Penglin Wang, Wendy Williams, Scott Robinson, Ed Day, Jack Baker
Excused: Kevin Kimball

  • Note: Kevin Kimball's 3rd time to miss the meeting and need to review policy about absences

Meeting called to order: 5:15PM


  • none

Approval of minutes from April 4, 2007:

  • Jamese Johnson moved to approve minutes for April 4, 2007
  • Penglin Wang seconded
  • All in favor
  • Motion passed
New Business
  • None
Supplemental Request
  • None
Discussion of funding requests
  • Discussion with Publicity Center
    • Revised amount requested: $272,348, amount needed to operate
    • Deleted 1 staff, 1 student, and 1 graphic design intern positions
    • Under goods and services deleted staff shirts/hats/awards
    • Deleted conferences/workshops & workstation for staff
    • Could charge more for services but some entities would not be able to use them anymore
    • Everyone does pay for services, but there are discounts for S&A areas those not in S& A are charged more
  • Update from Ed Day
    • Projection for allocations for next year will drop $36,000 considering tuition increases
    • Tried to carry about $300,000 for next year
    • Suggested to add another $100,000 to the reserve
    • Committee has $26,120 left for supplementals
  • Publicity Center
    • S&A is obligated to cover classified & exempt staff wages
    • Kathryn Ruth moved to approve $272, 348 for the Publicity Center
    • Adrian Elmo seconded
    • Discussion
    • Kathryn Ruth motioned to amend prior motion to a tentative agreement
    • Adrian Elmo seconded
    • Motion failed
  • Campus activities:
    • Kathryn Ruth moved to approve $243,000 for campus activities including the request for Ware Fair
    • David Boyd seconded
    • Discussion
      • Without funding Ware Fair will not cause it to disappear
      • Committee needs to look at all requests to look for places to take money out of
    • Kathryn Ruth called the question
    • Motion passed
  • Committee decided to reabsorb the $100,000 reserve into allocations and not have it for reserve for next year
  • Kathryn Ruth would like to request committee meet next Wednesday to finalize all the biennial requests and take decisions to the Board of Trustees
  • Jack Baker makes a suggestion to make a rational about every request, review everything, and come to an agreement
  • Campus Activities 34310:
    • Kathryn Ruth moved to approve $243,000
    • Scott Robinson seconded
    • Discussion
    • Motion passed
  • Wendy Williams moved to round down amounts that received an increase to nearest $1,000
  • Kathryn Ruth seconded
  • All in favor
  • Motion passed
  • Center for Excellence and Leadership 34290:
    • Kathryn Ruth moved to approve $298,000
    • Scott Robinson seconded
    • Motion passed
  • Marching Band 34255:
    • Kathryn Ruth moved to approve $60,000
    • David Boyd seconded
    • Discussion
    • Wendy Williams makes friendly amendment to raise amount to $70,000
    • Kathryn Ruth agreed
    • David Boys agreed
    • Wendy Williams called question
    • Motion passed
    • Rationale: support request and would like them to spread out money over the next 3 bienniums
  • Center for Student Empowerment 34370:
    • Kathryn Ruth moved to approve $300,000
    • Scott Robinson seconded
    • Motion passed
  • Civic Engagement 34220:
    • Kathryn Ruth moved to approve $375,000
    • David Boyd seconded
    • Discussion
    • Motion passed
  • Diversity Education Center 34215:
    • Kathryn Ruth moved to approve $400,000
    • Scott Robinson seconded
    • Motion passed
  • Sarah Spurgeon Art Gallery 34265:
    • Kathryn Ruth moved to approve $45,000
    • Adrian Elmo seconded
    • Motion failed
    • Rationale: Need the upgrade to bring in more art work
  • Early Childhood Learning Center 34900
    • Kathryn Ruth moved to approve $550,000
    • Alexander Kobrianov
    • Discussion
    • David Boyd called question
    • Motion passed
      • Katrina Whitney would like the committee to continue discussion about funding the ECLC used by faculty/staff and students and form a committee to discuss the issue
  • Board of directors:
    • We, looking forward to an even amount of student support for next biennium
  • Office of Legislative affairs:
    • We strongly support student representation in legislature
  • Campus activities
    • We support campus activities and well being of student life
  • Career Services West side Counselor:
    • Funding support part of our continued support for our centers
  • Center for excellence and leadership
    • We commend the effort to build leadership throughout the students education experience
  • Center for student empowerment
    • S&A committee supports continued growth in this area for programming, etc.
  • We all support student all of there endeavors in student representation, rights, and programming activities.
  • Theatre Arts
    • We support for the cultural growth of arts for the ACWU community and provision of accessible ticket prices.
  • Sarah Spurgeon Art Gallery
    • We support them in their growth in the establishment of a strong fine arts establishment on CWU campus.
  • Marching Band
    • We funded as much as we could and we encourage administrative support in this area.
  • Ware Fair
    • While we support Ware Fair we have reallocated these funds to Campus Activities.
  • ECLC
    • Committee would like to thank administration for support this year. We support childcare and would like to urge continued progress toward a more equitable solution regarding funding.
  • KCWU Reserve
    • S&A feels that the S&A supplemental reserve meet the purpose for the KCWU reserve.
Motion for Budget
  • David Boyd moved to approve budget as is
  • Alexander Kobrianov
  • Discussion
  • All in favor
  • Motion Passed
For the good of the order
  • Committee will meet next Wednesday

Kathryn Ruth moved to adjourn
Jamese Johnson seconded
All in favor
Meeting adjourned at: 8:05PM


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