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Minutes - April 1, 2009

Meeting called to order:

Julia Cain called the meeting to order at 5:44 p.m. and attendance was taken.


Jack Baker, Julia Cain, Ed Day, Megan Hammond, Kay Kenison, Kevin Kimball, Riley LaMie, Caitlin Morrison, Stephanie Oberlander, Scott Robinson, Brook Rutledge, Brent Weisel, Wendy Williams, and Teri Willard.

Approval of the minutes from March 11, 2009:

Stephanie Oberlander moved to approve the minutes as presented. Scott Robinson seconded. Motion carried. (All in favor)

Public Comment:


Supplemental Request to be heard:

Society of Professional Journalists – Melissa Oh: The supplemental request is for $1,005.00 for the Society of Professional Journalists conference in Missoula, Montana on April 24-26, 2009. The registration is being covered by the students and the request is for the hotel, and travel by van. There are 7 students and 1 advisor expected to go to this conference. The Society of Professional Journalists has been doing fund raising activities to help defer the costs. This could provide networking and internship opportunity for students, and will also help improve the quality of their newspaper journalism in the Observer and the Pulse. They have not approached Club Senate or Academic Senate for funding to date.

University Writing Center – Teresa Jo Kramer: The supplemental request is for $51,000.00 to help support the University Writing Center for next year. The centers helped with 3,900 one-on-one consultations with students. The services include brainstorming, research, thesis work, organization, grammar, and formatting. These are writing consultants working with their “peers” of all major academic disciplines (not just English), and they are available at on campus and off-campus centers. There is also an on-line service available, plus there are handouts and manuals and writing workshops. This request helps to support the student employees (undergraduates and graduate student consultants). The consultations are free to all students on all campuses. This service benefits the student consultants and the student writers, giving both valuable experiences. Services will be dramatically curtailed and students will be turned away without this funding.

Supplemental Request to be voted on:

CWU Rodeo Club – Ashley Smith: The Rodeo Club is asking for $15,000 in supplemental funds to help cover their expenses. The Rodeo Club fund raises all year long so they can cover their expenses, but this year, the sponsors have not committed so there is a shortfall in their budget.

MOTION: Megan Hammond made a motion to approve $15,000 to support the Rodeo Club. Brook Rutledge seconded. Motion carried. (7 in favor, 2 abstentions) The committee appreciated the fund raising efforts of the Rodeo Club and sharing another rodeo event with our community. Please remember to plan on attending the CWU college rodeo.

Budget Allocation Discussion – Ed and Jack:

Jack Baker shared with the S&A Committee a request from Charlotte Tullos for $200,000 for a flexible budget that she could use to support student services that may be affected by cuts in the new state budget. We are still waiting on the State Legislature to decide on the amount that will be cut from CWU state budget, the percentage of tuition increase, and the student FTE, which could be decreased by 800 students. The S&A Committee would like to review all the funding requests and prioritize what they are going to fund and what student services are going to be cut. It was suggested that Charlotte Tullos come to S&A meeting so the committee can ask questions.

Discussion continues. The tuition suggested in the Legislature was from 7% to 10% and currently the S&A fees are linked to the tuition increase. There were two options: set the increase at the same rate as tuition (as currently being done) or set a percentage and not link it with the tuition increase.

MOTION: Stephanie Oberlander made a motion to maintain a 7% flat increase to the S&A fee and build the S&A budget around the 7% increase. Riley LaMie seconded. Motion carried. (All in favor)

As the budget discussions continue, Brent Weisel shared the view of the Board of Directors to insure that the S&A budget should benefit as many students as possible.

Ed Day was asked to bring back a spreadsheet that will show the previous allocation and the new quadrennial request. Important considerations: What is important for campus and important (beneficial) programs for students?

Allocation for New Requests for Funding:
$40,000Jack Baker’s Flex Budget
-0-Bridges Program (does not include supplemental request)
-0-Challenge Course
$11,625Peer Advisor Program (Career Services)
$15,000Academic Senate
$83,630University Center & CC Relations

For the good of the order:

Do all S&A providers have their Year End Reports posted. Jack Baker thought they were all in, but he will check to be sure that these have all been turned in.

Schedule of Next Meeting:

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 8, 2009, at 5:30 p.m.


Stephanie Oberlander moved to adjourn, Scott Robinson seconded. Motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.