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Minute - Nov 16, 2011

Meeting called to order:
Paul Stayback called the meeting to order at 5:34 p.m.

Student Members:
Adam Fields, Isa Harrison, Sheila Jones, Jason Leatherman, and Paul Stayback. Professors and Professional Staff: Jack Baker, John Bowen, Ed Day, Sharon Jonassen, Kay Kenison, Scott Robinson and Wendy Williams.
Excused: Brad Nelson and Dustin Waddle-Ford

Paul Stayback would like to add discussion on S&A fee regarding last week’s motion be added to the agenda after the Chair's Report.

Jason Leatherman made a motion to approve the agenda as changed. Isa Harrison seconded. Motion carried.

Approval of Minutes:

Scott Robinson made a motion to approval the minutes of November 9, 2011 as presented. Jason Leatherman seconded. Motion carried.


Chair's Report:
No information from the state auditor office regarding the administrative fee. Paul Stayback encouraged students to provide feedback on the S&A Committee meetings to the ASCWU BOD office, email or website.

Paul Stayback would like clarification on the motion passed last week on the S&A Administrative Fee. To clarify: The administrative fee was no longer going to be paid by the S&A Committee, and would be the responsibility of the providers to pay; or was S&A no longer going to pay the administrative fee at all. The S&A Committee agreed to not pay the administrative fee at all.

Historically the S&A providers who also receive other fees use the S&A funds first and the earned fees are spent last.

Public Comment:

Supplemental or Base Funding Requests – Presentations:
12008 –Student Fashion Association 2012 New York Field Experience-Alyssa Hoard: The supplemental request is for $1,400.00 for travel expenses for Alyssa Hoard to the 2012 Student Fashion Association New York Field Experience on March 17-24, 2012. She currently works 2 jobs and will be setting aside money for this trip. She feels that his will be an opportunity to broaden her knowledge of the fashion industry and achieve her lifelong goal. If approved, the funds would not be available until February, because of the timing of the Board of Trustees' meeting. The Fashion Club may be coming to S&A to request funds for the trip at a later date. This will be voted on at the next S&A meeting which will be on November 30, 2011.

Supplemental or Base Funding Requests to be voted on:

Old Business:

New Business:

Public Comment:

Schedule of Next Meeting:
Next meeting November 30, 2011, in SURC 301 starting at 5:30 p.m.

Motion to Adjourned:
Adam Fields moved to adjourn. Sheila Jones seconded. Motion carried.
The meeting adjourned at 6:00 p.m.