Services and Activities
Joey Bryant
S&A Committee Advisor
(509) 963-1515

Welcome to the Services and Activities Fee Committee

The Services and Activities Fee Committee proposes and the Central Washington University Board of Trustees approves programs and corresponding budget levels for University organizations funded by Services and Activities Fees (S&A Fees). These fees are collected from students at registration and are allocated to programs as direct budget allocations or indirectly through other organizations.

The Services and Activities Fee Committee (S&A) meets Wednesday evenings starting at 5:30 p.m. in the Student Union/Recreation Center (SURC) Room 301 from October-June. (There are no meetings held during holidays, finals weeks, SOURCE, or school breaks.)

S&A Meetings will resume in Fall Quarter 2021 - Dates/Times TBD

The S&A website provides:

  • S&A guidelines
  • weekly agendas
  • meeting minutes
  • forms for base funding requests and supplemental requests
  • annual reports
  • frequently asked questions
  • committee member names and photos

Each week the agenda is placed on the S&A website and is also available in the Office of the Dean of Student Success, Bouillon Hall Room 204.

If you have questions regarding the S&A Committee, please contact Joseph Bryant, Advisor, Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities at (509) 963-1515.

Watch our latest meeting:

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