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Academic Service Learning

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CWU Service-Learning & Volunteer Center


National Campus Compact

  • Campus Outreach Opportunity League (COOL) was founded in 1984 and is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to the education and empowerment of college students to strengthen our nation through community service. They aim to mobilize and connect students of all backgrounds to lead a movement that increases participation in our communities, promotes activism, and fosters the civic and social responsibility necessary to build a just society.
  • The Big Dummy’s Guide to Service-Learning offers 27 Simple Answers to Good Questions on faculty, programmatic, student, administrative, & non-profit issues.
  • See also CWU's own Academic Service-Learning home, which features: Student Academic Service-Learning Projects, contact information, an annotated bibliography, and FIPSE Grant partners.
  • The University of Colorado’s Communications for a Sustainable Future is home to service-learning, “the home of service-learning on the world wide web.” This site provides informative links to SL curricula at many institutions. Consider a subscription to the Service-Learning E-mailing List
  • Idealist is a project of Action Without Borders. This site directs browsers to volunteer and nonprofit organizations and opportunities, a directory of conferences and social issues publications, as well as a search engine and listserv for jobs and internships in the nonprofit sector.
  • The International Partnership for Service-Learning has originated, designed and implemented international/intercultural service-learning since 1982. Partnership programs unite academic study and community service, so that the service makes the study immediate and relevant, and the study relates to and supports the service. By combining formal study with service to the local community, students find their learning takes on greater depth and meaning. Working among community people brings classroom lessons to life, while the formal study broadens the students’ understanding of their surroundings and gives perspective to daily impressions.
  • Educators for Community Engagement previously known as The Invisible College is composed of faculty and other educators who strive to our various institutions and positions to integrate learning and service in the diverse communities in which we work and live. We are sometimes marginalized or made invisible within our institutions. Our views or methods may be considered non-traditional. In turn, the communities we serve and learn from are often underserved, even silenced and “invisible” within the larger community.
  • The National Service-Learning Clearinghouse collects and disseminates in formation for Learn & Serve America and the service-learning field.
  • The National Society for Experiential Education (NSEE) is a membership association and national resource center that promotes experienced-based approaches to teaching and learning. For over 25 years, NSEE has developed best practices for effectively integrating experience into educational programs.
  • The SERVnet web site is designed to accomplish three basic things:
    1. To encourage more citizens to become actively engaged in their communities by volunteering
    2. To provide volunteer-based nonprofit organizations the best resources available in a quick and easy manner, and
    3. To match the skills, experience and enthusiasm of dedicated volunteers with nonprofit organizations who need their participation.
  • The Indiana University Center on Philanthropy promotes the study of philanthropy and the philanthropic tradition across lines of academic disciplines in both liberal arts and professional education. The Center seeks to improve the understanding and practice of this field through observation, study, and critical analysis.

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