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Academic Service Learning

Courses Available

Table Key

F=fall quarter
W=winter quarter
Sp=spring quarter


Academic Service-Learning Courses Available

CourseCourse TitleCreditQuarterProfessor
Art 371Graphic Art5F, WProf. Glen Bach
EDCS 309Service Learning2F, W, SpDr. James Pappas
EDCS 509Service Learning3F, W, SpDr. James Pappas
EDRD 420Reading4F,W,Sp,SDr Susan Donahoe
FCSN 309Service Learning2F, W, Sp, SDr. Jan Bowers
Family and Consumer Sciences FSCE 326Curriculum in Family and Consumer Sciences-Projects3SpDr. Marla Wyatt
Family and Consumer Sciences FCSE 422Education Reform2WDr. Bowers/Wyatt
Family and Consumer Sciences FCSE 426Methods-Projects3FDr. Wyatt
FCSN 509Service Learning3F, W, Sp, SDr. Jan Bowers
Physics 101Astronomy Physics4 (with Lab)SDr. Bruce Palmquist
Recreation and Tourism 419Applied Research for Recreation and Tourism5WDr. Barbara Masburg
Recreation and Tourism 471Tourism Planning and development3W, SpDr. Chase
Recreation and Tourism 480Community Recreation Administration4WDr. Dorothy Chase