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Performing Arts and Speaker Series

Mariachi Los Comperos De Nati Cano

Image of the Maraichi Los Camperos Di Nati CanoTime: Wednesday, October 22, 2008 7:30pm

Location: Student Union and Recreation Center Ballroom

Tickets: General $15/ Students Free

With a flair and sound unique to them, Mariachi Los Camperos from Los Angeles, California, delights crowds with trumpets, violins, guitars, harps, and other traditional instruments. The eleven-member band is perhaps most famous for its appearance on Linda Ronstadt's double-platinum album, Canciones de mi Padre. Since 1961, Mariachi Los Camperos has released nine albums. Its most recent release, Amor, Dolor y Lágrimas, was released in May of 2008.

Mariachi Los Camperos features two mariachi instruments unique to this genre of music, the vihuela and the guitarron. The vihuela is a guitar-like instrument that features five strings, while the guitarron, which translates to large guitar, has six strings and a deep sound. Director Jesus "Chuy" Gusman brings extensive experience as arranger, director, instructor, and musician to the band. He is an expert trumpet, vihuela, guitarron, guitar, and violin player, and has served as head instructor for more than forty international mariachi festivals. Gusman's successful career includes collaboration on the orchestration and musical arrangements for the Symphony Orchestra of Jalisco.

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