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Academic Assessment: SEOIs

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How to Download all SEOI Reports in EvaluationKit

How to Download all SEOI Reports in EvaluationKIT

  1. 1. Logon to EvaluationKIT.

2.      Select “Results” from the top blue menu bar

3.      Then click on “instructor results”

4.      Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “2500” from the “Records per page” drop down list.  This is to ensure all reports are on one page.

5.      Scroll to the top of the table and click the check box to the left of “Name” (which is the left most column heading).  This selects all of your SEOI reports.

6.      Then click on “Batch Report” (it is just above “Results”)

7.      Select the second button from the top to create a separate report for each course section “Download Multiple PDF Reports/Batch as ZIP File for Selected Courses”

8.      Select the bottom check box to download the short version of SEOI reports (make sure the checkbox above that is checked to view student comments)

9.      Select GO

10.  EvaluationKIT will email all of the reports to you in a zipped file


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