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Academic Assessment: SEOIs


Canvas Update


Summer 2014 Six-week SEOI Calendar

Summer 2014 Eight-week SEOI Calendar


EvaluationKIT Update: New SEOI Report feature for Faculty


How to Access Your SEOIs Via MyCWU



Canvas Update

  • When students log in to Canvas for your course they will see a “notification window” pop up asking them to either "Go to SEOI" or "Skip for now."  Students will see the window every time they log in until they complete the SEOI for that course.
  • There is now a link to EvaluationKIT built in to the left frame of Canvas for students and faculty.  It is called “EvalKIT” for faculty and “Course Evaluations” for students.

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Summer 2014 Six week SEOI Calendar

Faculty and chairs can add custom questions7/17/14 through 7/23/14
SEOIs startThursday July 24, 2014
SEOIs stopFriday August 1, 2014
SEOI reports availableThursday August 7, 2014


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Summer 2014 Eight week SEOI Calendar

Faculty and chairs can add custom questions8/7/14 through 8/13/14
SEOIs startThursday August 14, 2014
SEOIs stopFriday August 22, 2014
SEOI reports availableThursday August 28, 2014


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EvaluationKIT Update: New SEOI Report feature for Faculty

EvaluationKIT has added a new feature for faculty to view their SEOI reports for all projects (or forms) for every term they have taught since spring 2012.

Steps to view all SEOI reports:

  1. Login to EvaluationKIT
  2. Scroll over “Results” (to the far right of the top blue menu bar)
  3. Select “Instructor Results”
  4. Select any or all SEOI reports (you can sort by Course Code, Title, or Project to select the reports you wish to see)

Faculty have several options to “batch” print the reports:

1.  Click on the “Generate Batch Reports" command which is highlighted in green
2.  You will see five options:


  • Merge Multiple PDF Reports into one PDF for Selected Courses concatenates reports back-to-back and saves all reports as one file.
  • Download multiple PDF reports saves each SEOI reports as a separate file
  • The third option creates a report that is very long and not very useful
  • Faculty should include responses to “write-in” or open format text questions


Faculty have the option to save the long PDF report or the short report.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Tom Henderson, Director of Institutional Assessment,
Extension 2046

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How to Access Your SEOIs Via MyCWU

  1. Login to MyCWU by clicking the link at the top of the main CWU webpage.
  2. Once signed in, click the drop-down menu titled "Main Menu" in the upper left-hand corner of your MyCWU dashboard.
  3. In that drop-down list, click the subfolder titled "MyCWU Links"
  4. About halfway down the resulting list, click the link titled "SEOIs" Image showing the steps to accessing the SEOI link in MyCWU
  5. You will be brought to EvaluationKIT and signed in automatically with your CWU credentials.

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