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Current Security Alerts

July 20, 2022. Please update your Chrome Browser Immediately

Google has just released a patch for new bugs found in the Chrome browser. If you have Chrome on your personal devices, please install the latest security patch for the Chrome browser. Here is directions on how to get the patch. Outdated versions of Chrome could allow an attacker to gain control of your computer which would allow an attacker access to your on-line accounts, or to use your computer to attack others including other parts of the CWU network. Thank you for your assistance in keeping our university cyber safe.

Security Awareness

The following articles will help bring awareness of recent, and prevalent security alerts. Remember: Do your part... be cyber smart!

T-Mobile Data Breach

COVID-19 Scams

United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT)

Center for Internet Security

App Scams

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