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College of the Sciences

Faculty Summer Grant for Scholarly Writing

The goal of this College of the Sciences (COTS) Faculty Summer Grant program is to provide funding to support writing related to scholarly work. Faculty members of all COTS departments are encouraged to apply.

Any COTS faculty member who is employed on a full-time, academic year appointment may apply for this summer grant.  Faculty may submit one proposal per year.  The COTS Faculty Summer Research Grant program supports faculty in their efforts to write funding proposals or manuscripts.  (Other funding sources are available to faculty who wish to collect data or travel for research; student research funds come from the COTS Undergraduate Research Program and/or the Office of Undergraduate Research.)

The COTS Summer Research Grants Program will offer awards annually. The number of awards will depend on the quality of the applications and the annual COTS budget. Awards will be in the form of a $4000 stipend and will require the faculty member to carry a teaching and/or reassigned load of no more than 6 contact hours during the summer of the award.  Grants are intended to culminate in either application for external research funding or submission of a manuscript for publication in a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal or book.

Applications are due in the Dean’s office by 5:00 PM on the second Friday in February.

Faculty Summer Grant Application

2014 Faculty Summer Research Grant Recipients

Faculty MemberProject TitleDepartment
John Anvik

CASEA: Creation assistance for easy assignment

Computer Science
Susan Kaspari

Accelerated glacier melt linked to black carbon deposition from wildfire

Geological Sciences

Mathew Novak

Retail planning practices and policiesGeography

Dion Rivera

RUI:  Design and study of polyelectrolyte/surfactant systems that can transport molecular cargo to a polysoap immobilized at a SiO2 surfaceChemistry

2013 Faculty Summer Research Grant Recipients

Faculty MemberProject TitleDepartment
Blaise Dondji

Nitric oxide mediates experimental hookworm infection due to Ancylostoma ceylanicum

Biological Sciences
Yingbin Ge

Using a spreadsheet to solve the Schrodinger equations for small molecules: an undergraduate quantum chemistry lab

Anne Johansen

Decreased acidity in wet precipitation over 23 years of observations at Paradise, Mt. Rainier National Park

Danielle Polage

Liar, liar, memory on fire

Bang-Soon YoonSexualized racism, gender and nationalism: Japanese treatment of Korean ‘comfort womenPolitical Science

 Faculty Summer Research Grant Recipients from Prior Years