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Craft Brewing Degree Application

Please fill out the information below.  If you would like a copy of your submission, please click the small printer symbol on the bottom of this page before hitting the submit button. Thank you!

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This required essay should explain your interest in Craft Brewing and anticipated career path. It can also include an explanation for any discrepancies found on your application.
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Code of Conduct

(1) Craft Brewing Program Code of Conduct
Each participant’s conduct reflects on the reputation of one’s self, Central Washington University, the Craft Beer Trade Certificate Program, and other graduates of the program.  Students and graduates are expected to be sensitive to the cultural and behavioral issues associated with over-consumption and misuse of alcohol.  Students and graduates should not engage in inappropriate behavior regarding the use, sale or promotion of alcohol and furthermore abide by federal, state and local laws and regulations regarding alcohol.  Any misuse of alcohol during the program will result in student dismissal from the program.  If at any time you feel you may be effected in your day to day life, or feel you have any concern regarding alcohol, you should notify a CWU staff or faculty member.  Below is a list of services if you feel you need assistance:

On-Campus Resources:

  • Wildcat Wellness Center - 509-963-3214
  • Student Medical and Counseling Clinic Services - 509-963-1391
  • Community Counseling and Psychological Assessment Center - 509-963-2301


Off-Campus Resources

  • Alcohol Drug Dependency Services - 509-925-9821
  • Barth and Associates - 509-933-1388
  • Comprehensive Mental Health - 509-925-9861

All policies and procedures are regularly updated by the Office of the President.

By entering my full name, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the above stated terms of the Craft Brewing Program Code of Conduct.

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