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Science Honors

Application Procedure

The application deadline for the class of 2015-2016 is February 20th, 2015.

All applicants must:

  1. Meet student eligibility criteria (click here to review eligibility criteria)
  2. Be mentored by a Science Honors Faculty 

The Application form will be available soon. The Application Consists of:
1- CWU Science Honors Research Program Application Cover Sheet, including information on McNair program.

2-Science Honors Research Proposal Summary Form

3- Research Proposal Project Description including

-Title of project,
-Goals and objectives, including a clear statement of hypothesis(es) to be tested,
-Background and Significance,
-Research Design and Methods, including methods of data analysis and interpretation,
-Dissemination Plan, and
-Literature cited.

4- Completed Budget:

Including Budget Cover Sheet, and Budget Justification

5-Animal/Human subjects clearance (only if applicable).

6- Student Academic Record

including table of science and math courses, statement of career goals and extracurricular activities, and unofficial CWU transcript.

7- Faculty Mentor(s) Material- To be emailed directly from the Mentor to the Director, with a paper copy sent directly to the COTS Dean's office (Dean Hall 130). Includes:

  1. Mentor Cover Sheet
  2. Financial support option
  3. Statement of mentoring experience and/or potential
  4. Mentoring Plan (1 page max)
  5. Endorsement of the student by the faculty mentor.
  6. CV of faculty mentor (2 page maximum)
  7. Explanation of request for exception (if applicable).
  8. Co-Mentor form, if more than one faculty will be sharing mentoring responsibilities.


All application materials must be received by 4:30 pm  February 20, 2015. 
-Submit an electronic version of parts 1-6 of the application (in PDF format) to the director (Linda Raubeson). 
-Faculty Mentors to submit an electronic version of part 7 of the application (in PDF format) to the director (Linda Raubeson). 

-A paper copy of the application must also be delivered to the COTS Dean's office (Dean Hall 130)


To download a successful example proposal click here

2012 Science Honors Application Review Committee Members: 
Audrey Huerta, Geology (Chair) 
Robert Pritchett, NEHS 
Joseph Lorenz, Anthropology, 
Mary Poulson- Biology,
Todd Kroll- Chemistry