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Science Education

Scholarships and Funding

What should I apply for if:

YOUR SITUATIONSCHOLARSHIPS (see below for information)
I am a freshmanNOYCE Affiliate, WA Opportunity, TEACH
I am a sophomore

NOYCE Scholar, WA Opportunity, Elliot Family, Howard FamilyAFCEA, TEACH

I am a junior or transfer student with AANOYCE Scholar, SOLVER, WA Opportunity, Elliot Family, Howard FamilyAFCEA, TEACH
I have financial NEEDWA Opportunity, SOLVER, Howard Family, any others
I am from an underrepresented group in STEMSOLVER, NOYCE Affiliate, NOYCE Scholar, any others
I want teaching experienceNOYCE Affiliate, NOYCE Scholar
I want research experienceNOYCE Affiliate, SOLVER, summer research internships
I am willing to teach in a low-income school after graduationNOYCE Affiliate, NOYCE Scholar, TEACH, any others
I am going to be in Ellensburg in the summerNOYCE Affiliate
I plan to be a physics teacherPhysics teaching scholarship

Updated Fall 2014, Scholarships are subject to change.  Please email if information is incorrect.


CWU Scholarships

General Scholarship Application

The General Scholarship Application (GSA) is open October 1 and due March 1 through My CWU each year. The scholarships listed below are for Science Education majors.  Other scholarships may be available within your science department (e.g., chemistry) or in education. Contact that department for more information. For further scholarship information in general, please visit or contact the Scholarship Office at (509) 963-1611.

Elliot Family Scholarship

Howard Family Scholarship


Full Tuition Scholarships


NOYCE Smart Scholar Program


NOYCE Affiliate Program


Washington State Scholarships


Washington State Opportunity Scholarship


National Scholarships

Grants and Scholarships


AFCEA Educational Foundation STEM Teaching Scholarship

Physics teaching scholarship (Barbara Lotze Scholarship for future teachers)

PAID Summer Research Programs

Science Undergraduate Laboratory Program at Department of Energy National Laboratories

Loan Forgiveness

Federal Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program