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Science and Mathematics Education

College of the Sciences

Equipment Policies and Procedures

• Equipment is available for checkout to Teach STEM Equipment Checkout Members (students, faculty, staff and external clients). Non-members must complete the Equipment Checkout Membership Application before checking out equipment.
• Equipment is checked out for a limited time as indicated on the checkout slip. Fees and holds will be charged for late, damaged or non-returned equipment.
• Replacement costs for used consumables, missing or stolen items or repair costs for broken items will be charged to the borrower.
• Complete an Equipment Request Form and put it in the Teach STEM Tech’s inbox (Located in Discovery Hall, room 301) or submit a request online at
• All requests must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance of the requested pick up date.
• The Teach STEM Tech will process the request during the next posted office hours and email you once it is ready for pickup. Please check your email as you may be emailed for clarifying details on your request.
• Once equipment is picked up the equipment tech will email the borrower confirming what equipment was checked out, the date checked out and the due date.
• One day before the equipment is due the equipment tech will send a reminder email to the borrower that the equipment is due the following day.
• One day after the equipment due date, if the equipment has not been returned, the equipment tech will email the borrower notifying them that they are incurring fees and will continue to do so for the next 7 days or until the equipment is returned. Upon return or once 7 days have passed the borrower will be notified of the total late fee charges and the cost for replacement. Charges will be billed to the borrower through the CWU accounting office.

• Fill out an Equipment Return Form upon return of equipment. The form must be filled out completely and signed. Equipment will be inspected by at least the second business day after return for damage or missing parts/items. The Teach STEM Tech will email you if any issues are found.
• Indicate on the Equipment Return Form if the equipment it needs additional attention, in that it could not immediately be checked out to another person. This includes: used consumables, damage, missing parts, needed updates (e.g., computers), or any other problem or concerns.
• Equipment must be returned to a Teach STEM Tech. If you cannot return it during the posted office hours, please contact us at to arrange an alternate return time.
o Teach STEM Tech hours are posted outside the equipment office located in Discovery Hall 301G or on the Science and Mathematics Education website,

Loan Periods and Fees
Category Duration Late Return Fee Replacement Fee
Digital Equipment Up to 3 days $5 per day late up to $35

1 week late-$35 late fee plus replacment cost

STEM Equipment Up to 7 days $5 per day late up to $35 1 week late-$35 late fee plus replacement cost
Books and Curriculum Kits Up to 14 days $5 per day late up to $35 1 week late-$35 late fee plus replacement cost
Laptop Cart (faculty checkout only) 1 day   Home department resonsible for cost of replacment


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