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Description: is an authority resource for job applications and career information for top companies in the United States. We provide tips on how to build your resume, how to excel during an interview, and ultimately how to land the job of your choice. We understand that during these tough economic times it is extremely difficult to get a job and build the necessary experience to reach your career goals. We also realize that the majority of college graduates come out of school in debt due to college loans. In an effort to alleviate the pressure of having to pay these loans, is offering the Annual College Student of America Scholarship. Our primary goal is to offer this Scholarship to one lucky college student from any United States College/University to win $1,000 to help pay towards their loans.

  • Current Student (undergraduate or graduate is accepted) attending a United States College/University
  • You must fill out the information below and send in your video (attachment or URL) to gerald (at) ejobapplications (dot) com before December 20, 2014 to be enrolled into the scholarship contest.
  • Name
  • Attending College/University
  • College Year
  • Major
  • Phone Number
  • Email
Application Process: 

Create a YouTube account and upload a minimum of a 2-minute video of yourself discussing the ways you use the Internet to find job opportunities. Detail the steps you take, as well as the sites that you use to find information, job openings and availability.
Be sure to let us know what the money will go towards, whether it’s to pay off student loans, help pay for rent, food, etc.
Please make the video fun and friendly, as the person with the most creativity and unique edge will win!  We will also post our favorite videos on our website for everyone to see!

Award Amount: 
Tuesday, December 30, 2014
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Open to Any Major