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Dr. Warren Street Scholarship Supplemental Application

Eligibility: The scholarship is available to a junior- or senior-level psychology major who demonstrates a strong record of scholarship, backed by excellent references from the faculty.

Application Process: Any student interested in applying for the Dr. Warren Street Scholarship must complete the Scholarship Central application.  If you qualify, the Dr. Warren Street scholarship will be listed on the last page of the application.  There are spaces to upload this form and the letters of recommendation required for the scholarship.
   Complete and save this form on your computer, upload the file as an attachment to the Dr. Warren Street section on the last page of the application.  Use this same area to upload the two letters of recommendation from CWU faculty in support of your application.  PLEASE NOTE: Each available upload slot must be filled for the application to be considered complete; all incomplete applications will be removed from consideration for the scholarship that requires their submission.
   All applications and documents are due by the Scholarship Central submission date of midnight, February 1, 2018.
No late applications will be considered.


The purpose of this scholarship is to honor an exceptional psychology student with a record of scholarship and academic achievement. In an effort to provide the committee with a sense of your achievements thus far, please address the following questions. If you need more space, please attach additional pages.


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