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Running Start

Withdrawing from Courses

Running Start students are able to withdraw from courses by meeting with the Running Start advisor and filling out a schedule change form. Students may withdraw from a course without penalty during change of schedule period. Uncontested withdrawals are permitted through the sixth week of instruction. This will be noted on the student’s transcript with “+W.” This grade does not impact GPA, but students should be careful about withdrawing from courses too frequently.

Withdrawals after the sixth week of instruction will be granted only for reasons of hardship and then only upon written petition to and written approval by the registrar. The student must contact the course instructor and obtain the faculty member’s signature on the hardship withdrawal petition.

Students may withdraw from the university for reasons of illness or other extenuating circumstances at any time prior to finals week. An official withdrawal form is available at Registrar Services. A student may not withdraw from the university during finals week except with the approval of the registrar. A complete withdrawal from the university will be noted on the student’s transcript with a “W.”

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