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Registration & Eligibility


Students who are in 11th or 12th grade are eligible for Cornerstone (private pay model) and may be eligible for the College in the High School (the state-pay model).  Students in the 10th grade are eligible for Cornerstone, only. Additionally, students must have a 2.0 GPA or higher to participate in the programs.

Before registering, students should speak with their high school counselor to make sure the class will fit in their schedule and that they have met the prerequisites for all classes they are interested in taking, and to see what options (Cornerstone or College in the High School) are available in their high school. 

Registration is Easy!

Forms are available on the Important Forms/Videos link

• Choose either the Cornerstone or College in the High School form depending on your instructor/counselor’s direction. This is an important step so plese make sure you have the correct form. 

 *Delta High School students, please make sure to use the College in the High School form designated for you.

*Tacoma and Tri-Cities,  please contact our office for your for registrations.

• Either complete the live form electronically, and print out, or ask your instructor/counselor for assistance.

If you are unable to complete the form electronically and do not have access to a printer, ask your instructor/counselor for help.

Whether completing your registration electronically or hard copy, please check the following before turning your form into your instructor:

1. Is all information correct and easy to read? (i.e.: Year of Birth and Home Address/phone number)
2. Have you filled in every blank above ‘FOR OFFICE USE ONLY’? *Exception: Gender and Ethnicity not required
3. If your registration is Cornerstone, be certain your parents sign the form and are aware that they will receive a bill for the class.

Click here for a quick guide on the student application process. 

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