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Research Experiences for Undergraduates

Preparing your application

You can prepare for submitting your online application in these ways:

  • Collect transcripts from all undergraduate institutions you have attended (do not include high school transcripts). Unofficial transcripts are accepted during the application process, but you will need to provide official transcripts before you can be officially accepted into the program. 
  • Talk to two people who can write you letters of recommendation. Share with them the information about this program, why you are interested, and ask them if they can write you a strong, detailed, and supportive letter for your application. If they agree, they will submit their letters through this our website.
    • One person must be a faculty member at your current undergraduate institution who is willing to serve as a mentor for you while you are in the program. You can let them know what is involved in being an external faculty mentor.
    • The other person could be another faculty member, advisor or counselor, or someone you've worked for in a different capacity. They should be able to speak about things like your work ethic, motivation, and what it's like to work with you in general.
  • Write your responses to the two personal essays. The essays are a very important part of your application, so be sure to take time to write, get feedback, and rewrite them. The faculty mentor who is writing your first recommendation letter is a good person to get feedback from. The two essay question prompts are:

Essay prompt 1: Tell us about an experience where you learned something new and challenging. It could be in an academic, work, or personal setting, and should be something significant. What challenges did you have to overcome to learn, and how did you overcome those challenges? How have you benefited from what you learned?

Essay prompt 2: This program involves engaging in research—both as an individual and as part of an interdisciplinary group—that is focused in the hazards and risks associated with climate change in the Pacific Northwest. What are your personal and career goals, and how will this program help you achieve those goals?

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